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New prints

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Seems like ages since I posted new prints.  The originals are now in the PG Printmaker Gallery at 227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and the reproductions of some of them are in the Etsy store.
Unusually I have done a nude.  Im usually a little uncomfortable with the idea of nudity for my girls, but I saw an old painting and just liked the look of it so much I wanted to do one similar to it in my style.  She already has a home.  Ive done one other nude as a request from a lovely man that has bought a great deal of my work over the years so I thought it only fair to see if he would like the “sister” image.  So rather nicely I think they will be together.

The next one is taken from one of the covers of “Milk” magazine, she is a deer girl.  Im a bit partial to the new mix of blues I tried with her.

More girls with ears

and a little bit of Alice slipping in here with girl Tweedles

and a pin up to round it off, I called her “Chips Ahoy”, loved those biscuits as a kid.  I dont much now, but I still love choc chip cookies so long as they are home made.

On a fashion purchase note, I just nabbed this rather cute dress with stars on it.  It was the stars that got me actually, cant resist anything with stars.

Star close up in the other colour way, so hard to choose!

Thats it for me, the rest of the day will be spent re-bedding our Strawberry plants, the soil level has dropped dramatically in their containers and we just have time to re-plant them before they kick in to full production mode.  Although with all this sun most of them are trying very hard already to fruit, hears hoping for a lush season of strawberries and cream!


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