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Etsy Update!

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I just put up a big load of new prints in my etsy store.
flickr-etsy-open-sign copy
Here are some thumbnails of the new ones
Hope there is something you enjoy.

Lindt Christmas

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

It seems Lindt have their finger on the cute pulse when it comes to producing their Christmas chocolate tin range.  Last year it was Russian Dolls
and this year at the height of all things Alpine (I so want a cuckoo clock), they have brought out their “Children of the World” tins.
Lederhosen!  How adorable, look at those little deers on the boys outfit, Id wear that pretty much……………..anyway, I bought them for practical reasons, the perfect pencil/paintbrush holders.  There was a lot more of those chocolate reindeer by the way, loads actually………..but I scoffed them in about two days, couldnt even hold off till the pictures were taken.  I ate those two remaining ones right after the pictures were done as well.
Still, this had nothing to do with chocolate and everything to do with organising my messy work area.

Running Horses

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Just a little while before my Birthday I came across this wonderful and very generously provided tutorial by Ann Wood for making her beautiful cardboard horses, I had so admired them when I first saw them and I decided to make a little herd of my own as a Birthday treat.
They now charge across the top of my lounge room doorway.
They were such a pleasure to make, I became more free and inventive with painting each one
If you feel in need of a little creative treat for yourself give these a go they are relaxing and fun and even a bit pretty when they are done.

Luvable & hugable

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

This years Luvable & Hugable starts at gallery Hanahou December 3rd!  The “theme” for this year was “a bit smaller and more affordable” for these economic crisis times.
I was trying to make simpler things, but that never works out for me really*L*  They are cheaper this year though, with each of these little deer girls going for $80.00USD
There are so many great people in the show this year, as always I just wish I could attend.  I hope some of you can.

Little Baskets

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Thought I would just go with whatever has obsessed me on my morning internet browse, today it is cute little Japanese decorated baskets.  This seems to be part of the “Mori Girl” look which I think means “forest”.  I know hardly anything about it, I just love how it looks though, here are some of the bags that caught my attention, this one is from Nesessaire
cute baskets nesessaire
This one has fur……….not sure about that
cute baskets rabbit
this one only has the tiniest bit of basket showing, but my goodness I love it, I have no idea of the brands of these at all though
cute basket3
and just look at these Mori Girls for total cuteness!
While hunting about for more baskets this morning I came across these three wonderful websites, Im still browsing through them even as I type
her Tumbler
and Natural Beauty and Forest Fashion
If like me this makes you mad to actually buy some of this stuff, try here its a sort of Japanese shopping hub and Ive had a lot of luck just typing in a brand or style and you can then buy internationally.
Okay, Im off to finish browsing all the cuteness!

New Blog and New Etsy Store!

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Hello my name is Christina and welcome to the new Jamfancy Blog.  Its been a long time coming but finally and with alot of help here it is.
I dont really know how this blog will come along, but I do a lot of shopping (some buying), browsing and making of stuff and its fun to share all of that, so hopefully that is what this place will be, lots of stuff!
My new Etsy store is up and running today as well, bit of  a big scary moment really*L*  The store is mainly going to have reproductions of my one of a kind monoprints for sale, but I hope to come up with a few interesting bits and bobs along the way, as well as do a few limited runs of Blythe outfits, maybe even toys?
Thanks for looking.


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