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To nose, or not to nose…..

Friday, January 28th, 2011

I did two prints today and for some reason when I was drawing them up, they just needed to have noses.  None of my girls have ever had noses, not sure why exactly.  It poses some problems at times, I cant really do side views of them as they look like one eyed balloons for instance.  Of late I have become highly enamoured of other peoples drawings etc of pink noses too, they are so adorable, like a nose blush or something.  Anyway, these two girls have noses.
maskeddeergirl copy
masked bunny copy
and this girl in her original form has no nose, but I sort of mocked up a nose version of her, which do you prefer?
not-to-nose copy
tonose copy
are they still  my girls if they grow a new apendage?


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