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Jamfancy/ Sydney National Blythe Meet Raffle!

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

The Australian National Blythe Meet is on again next year in Sydney in 2011 and the organisers are gathering funds.  To that end how would you like to buy a raffle ticket for $10.00au for the chance to win an outfit set for your blythe made by me?  50 tickets are on sale and the prize will be drawn once they have sold.  Many more details and the place to buy your tickets right here!  Open to international folks as well  : )
The set includes a felt deer, bambi fur hat with velvet bow, crochet print headscarf, crochet shawl that does up with a lace flower pin, faux fur lace edged tippet with a glass flower button closure, a white gathered underdress and a patchwork russian scarf print, elasticised shirred overdress with faux fur and net ruffle trim and silk skirt (doll not included)
Huge thanks to Narelle for taking these super pictures of the set, best and worse idea I ever had, not sure I will ever be able to take pictures myself and show them without a degree of shame*L*  Best of luck to the organisers too, its a huge amount of work to undertake but its always a great day for Australian Blythe collectors.
thanks and bye

Cermics for presents, ceramics for sale!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Been busting to show you these two cats I made for my Mums Birthday, but obviously I had to keep them a surprise.  They lived on my mantel for a week and she very nearly didnt get them after all…..
cats closer
They are supposed to be like the Staffordshire dogs and cats for Mantels and firesides (right hand click view image to see them bigger)
The black one is just a tiny bit bigger than the brown one though, but I think they came out quite nicely in the end.
and now for the ones for sale in the future, not sure if they will be online or just in the gallery that has my prints
These are quite small, only about 4 inches high
I think this one is my favourite
another present one goes in for firing this week and another sale girl will get dipped and hopefully her potential owners will like her when she is done.


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