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Daikanyama backstreets

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Went for a nice little wander in the backstreets of Daikanyama yesterday, I love peoples gardens

have seen some beautiful examples of what look to my eys like large size bonsai trees

and found my first cat, usually I see cats everywhere but its a bit cooler this year and I havent seen as many about

you can just make him out and a black and white blob really
Paul has been sampling the local beers of which there are many, this one is a cabernet beer

and I bought this little bunny bottle that was filled with sake and glitter, only this morning someone had drunk him up so now he just has water in him, I thought he might make a natty little bud vase

Not sure what we will be up to today, Pauls cold was truly horrible today and he is still sleeping the poor thing, but we only have a few days left!

Japan so far….

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Well it has been an interesting trip this year, Ive only been here since Saturday, but have done and seen and I must say eaten a great deal.  I keep forgetting to take my camera with me though!
took this picture on Paul’s phone

It is of the windows of a very cool shop that I think had a Nathalie Lete bunny head for sale in it as well as other lovely things, this was on the other side

saw this amazing Totoro cat bus just sitting on the street

and passed this doughnut? store yesterday, loved the doughnut chandeliers

Mainly so far it has been about the shopping and the eating.  Canalles are everywhere it seems and they are very good, but here is the cake we got from Sadaharu Aoki, we have had some Pierre Herme as well but it got eaten before it could be documented*L*

Off to fabric and trim and a lovely rabbity themed crepery today, but here is a bit of the rest of the loot so far, MT tape

Nathalie Lete coathangers

and clothes!

my sock haul is growing embarrassing, these are the tip of the sock iceberg really

Looking forward to today, my back has been playing up rather badly, but a lovely friend arranged a visit to her Chiro yesterday so Im feeling a lot better, although I have a tiny cold and seem to have shared it now with Paul………..we will have to be careful blowing noses in Japan, I believe it is not the thing to do, so we will have to be discreet.

Spot of ceramics

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Just a few new things made for people in particular, hope they like them!
Lolly Lady
Antler Lady

another macaron box with some brooches I was trying out

and a bunny head brooch too

still two vases to collect before my Japan trip this week, hope I can get them home before I leave.
Thanks for looking


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