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New Prints in the Store!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Ive put some new work in the Etsy store, hope you like some of it
I think my favourites are two new Girl Hero’s, Grumpy and the original Sensible Girl Hero, ready with her pencil
grumpygirlhero copysensiblelgirlhero copy
and this little drummer girl
Thanks for looking.


Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Thought I would share some of my favourite D-Bros products, they seem to be spreading out a bit from Japan, but as usual a quick rakuten search will help you to find them as well.  The products are always so clever and beautiful, I have these butterflies on my wall.
I have this one too, but Ive never quite known what I want to do with it, I seem to be keeping it for “something special”
drft-cj-c-main2Their cards are gorgeous, its a sort of paper doll and the card acts as the scenery
1116812_B_21116812_B_31121745_B_1You have probably seen these fruit shaped memo pads around, but I love the way they come packaged as actual fruit
dbros08-i21Im not really sure what these are, but they look like biscuits and that is enough for me
028078-top650These are card story boxes
Optical illusion glasses
and these very sweet bookmarks
Just looking at all these clever pretty things makes me feel better.

fair isle, or is it folklore?

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Its a bit crazy as its so hot in Melbourne today, but Im just mad for all those fair Isle, folklore, nordic looking, knits that seem to be all over the Northern Hemisphere fashion world
Ive nabbed this dress from Colkinikha for myself, I dread trying it on this week in such heat though*L*
I really wanted this dress from Syrup , but couldnt find any way of getting my hands on it
and how cool are these?  Fair Isle converse
fair isle shoes3
but you dont have to stop at a dress and shoes, you can be kitted out head to toe in knickers….
leggings and sort of over the sock, socks (all from Ragsista I think)
arm covers and slippers too
It really is much too hot to be looking at knits, but I will be a happy girl come Winter!

Pauls homemade chocolates

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Paul made a huge amount of chocolates this year as Christmas presents, they are much more complicated to do than I ever knew, so much work, but they really were very good, tasty and pretty as well.
We looked everywhere for white boxes with plastic windows, but had to settle on this for the packaging in the end
chocs and bag
There are two different types here, the filled and the ones that are dipped and then you put a transfer on the top.  It all starts with melting, then tempering the chocolate, this forms a particular kind of crystal in the chocolate so that when it hardens it will be nice and shiney with a crisp bite to it.
Tempering involves a lot of shoving about of the chocolate with spatulas, it looks quite fun
For the moulded chocolates you then fill up the moulds and tap them out, should have seen all the chocolate all over the place!  Then after a day they are ready for filling, these were caramel.  He did raspberry ganache, passionfruit ganache and an orange cointreau as well
Somehow we missed out pictures of the dipping ones, they are solidish centres that you fill a square of plastic with, let them set, cut them into squares and dip.  The fillings were lovely, based on a hazelnut praline, all crispy caramel with delicious hazelnuts, we still have a tub of it that I keep dipping into.  The transfers are amazing, you press on a little square of pattern after you have the dipped chocolate, then next day peel them off and voila!
I completely missed out on getting my share of these too as I was  home on Christmas day babysitting our cat as he had just had surgery on his ear.  Paul was in such a panic to get all the food in the car that morning not a spare was left!


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