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Daikanyama backstreets

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Went for a nice little wander in the backstreets of Daikanyama yesterday, I love peoples gardens

have seen some beautiful examples of what look to my eys like large size bonsai trees

and found my first cat, usually I see cats everywhere but its a bit cooler this year and I havent seen as many about

you can just make him out and a black and white blob really
Paul has been sampling the local beers of which there are many, this one is a cabernet beer

and I bought this little bunny bottle that was filled with sake and glitter, only this morning someone had drunk him up so now he just has water in him, I thought he might make a natty little bud vase

Not sure what we will be up to today, Pauls cold was truly horrible today and he is still sleeping the poor thing, but we only have a few days left!

Japan so far….

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Well it has been an interesting trip this year, Ive only been here since Saturday, but have done and seen and I must say eaten a great deal.  I keep forgetting to take my camera with me though!
took this picture on Paul’s phone

It is of the windows of a very cool shop that I think had a Nathalie Lete bunny head for sale in it as well as other lovely things, this was on the other side

saw this amazing Totoro cat bus just sitting on the street

and passed this doughnut? store yesterday, loved the doughnut chandeliers

Mainly so far it has been about the shopping and the eating.  Canalles are everywhere it seems and they are very good, but here is the cake we got from Sadaharu Aoki, we have had some Pierre Herme as well but it got eaten before it could be documented*L*

Off to fabric and trim and a lovely rabbity themed crepery today, but here is a bit of the rest of the loot so far, MT tape

Nathalie Lete coathangers

and clothes!

my sock haul is growing embarrassing, these are the tip of the sock iceberg really

Looking forward to today, my back has been playing up rather badly, but a lovely friend arranged a visit to her Chiro yesterday so Im feeling a lot better, although I have a tiny cold and seem to have shared it now with Paul………..we will have to be careful blowing noses in Japan, I believe it is not the thing to do, so we will have to be discreet.

Four new prints in the Etsy store

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Just a quick etsy update  : )
Ive been doing some medium size work in the original prints so I can get a bit more detail into the work, its been a nice change.  So now there are four new prints for the etsy store.

Ive been getting into the human size sewing lately as well and I cant wait to get my hands on this new fabric from Japan.  I LOVE cross stitch and was highly tickled to nab these two, I see dresses and tops and possibly some very snazzy trousers as well.


Geisha Day

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Just got my little Geisha ceramic back today, I think those stripes are making her my new favourite
and I put a new Geisha print in the store “Candy Apple”.  Ive gone green mad by the way, if its green, I seem to love it.

Things I have my eye on……..

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

It seems I have a “need” to constantly browse Japanese clothing, I just recently was put back to dial up speed and I think I actually had withdrawals when I couldnt do this at least once a day*L*
Here are the things that are catching my eye just now
Balcony and Bed are always beautiful, but this wonderful Liberty print is killing me
This very sensible looking, for me at least, bag from Beaure, it even has a matching wallet
Mother too always has things that I drool over, but these cute little socks and this top are my current favourites
oh and this top as well, I love the gentle fall of it and the subtle writing, rather beautiful
20310551and just a little bit of circus fun from Franche Lippee as well
Ive decided the only thing I can have from all this loveliness is the sensible bag, there are times in life when you just need a bag that isnt shaped like an animal or covered in eye catching pattern!   Maybe if I make some things to sell I can justify one more thing………………..
PS if you are looking for any of these brands, try out Rakuten in English translation mode, many of the shops now ship international.

Its more shoes….

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

With Winter coming I am supposed to be finding a pair of plain brown boots to replace the pair I have with a hole in them……….like these Koos
or perhaps these from Jeffrey Campbell
They are both good practical Winter boots, brown………….however, I just keep getting distracted by things like these from Minnetonka
I see myself padding about in moccasins, maybe tracking deer?
or something very strappy from RNA-N
more Jeffrey Campbell
jeffrey campbell
Or these Jane Marple four straps, which for me are the Holy Grail of shoes
Ive taken so long to decide of course that at least two of these have sold out, I think its the black strappy Jeffrey Campbell ones that are winning, but they arent boots are they?

Jane Marple

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Here is another favourite Japanese brand Jane Marple I think my life would be complete if I could own one of these squashy little boaters, but it is singularly difficult stuff to get your hands on outside of Japan unfortunately.
jane1 copy
I simply adore the shoes, one day I will time it just right and be in Japan when these are in store, one day………..

Nesessaire is killing me!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I think this just might be my favourite brand at the moment Nesessaire (look here to find shops that ship internationally).  Such a beautiful blend of the old and the new and all that gorgeous delicate detailing, lace, pintucking, embroidery, there is so much I love I never know where to stop.
Doesn’t this look just like something the Bloomsbury set would have worn?
I so wanted this mad polka dot number
and this 1920’s sailor looking one
The embroidery on these is divine
I did cave in and buy this one and the lace is just as fine and beautiful as it looks, the velvet bows on the sleeves are such a cute touch as well
I loved the necklaces that came out at the same time
And these odd little sash things that came out, such high romance
Well, I guess I had better stop, take a long browse at their website, its full of much more loveliness, I often find my prints are inspired by these clothes, just to finish off though, I think this may be the perfect bag for my JamFancy brand!

Boy Hero's sort of

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Once again Paul got some very odd things for Valentines.
He was very chuffed with his little mascot bandit chef
and got a good laugh out of his “Farty Boy Hero” as well
fartI liked Farty so much I made a print of him too, I think it is the awkward, embarrassed post fart stance that makes him lovable even if he is smelly
farty copy
My gift is still waiting to come into stock, its from the brand Mother, I hope it does come back in, I fell in love with the back of this dress, it seemed rather Jane Austen to me
Hope you all had fine Valentines Days!

Love Muchacha

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Thought I would share one of my favourite Japanese brands Muchacha
I think they may have started out as a brand for kids clothes, but now, wonderfully, they do kiddy size and adult!  I have about three of their dresses now and a wonderful big doll as well.
Look at all the cute for this season.
This one above is a brooch, Im a bit tempted to get her……
Pop over to their website for so much more!  I could barely choose which things were cutest, I didnt even get into the hats*L*


New broochespink bunny broochnew broochesnew broochesbrown bunny broochblack bunny brooch3 bunny broochsceramic bunny dolls