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More ceramics

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Have fallen woefully behind in taking photos of the new ceramics I have been making.  I have four mini bunny heads on my wall, plus plates and a bunny headed girl still to do!  Here are some to be going on with though
a new vase

I almost prefer her without flowers, or maybe with smaller flowers?

a new deer girl, the first time I made this one she exploded in the kiln

and a very uninspired quick picture of one of the ornaments Ive made for our Christmas tree, I will have to take a better one when he is on the tree, but I couldnt resist getting one bunny in here.

Bunnies in dresses in the store!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Ive been mad for bunnies in dresses lately.  I love them on the clothes from some of my favourite Japanese brands, on fabric,  the vintage cuties and the lovely work of Storybook Rabbit of course.  So Ive done a couple of my own at last.  Im planning on more, they are oddly addictive and they are for sale in the Etsy store now.
Teacup Bunny and Ballet Bunny

the next one is going to be a pierrot I think.
Thanks for looking.

Post Cards at last!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

At last, a new set of JamFancy postcards are available!
Six lovely images per set.

Bandit Girl

a sweet Geisha

Oh Dearie

the precocious girl from the “oh dear” print

Starlight room

and the original Girl Hero

Oh and here is the back.  Id sort of forgotten I was paying for four colour printing both sides and was just going to get the “standard” postcard text, till Narelle reminded me of it.  Im very glad she did and thankful for her help in making it look rather swish!

Buy a set and send them to your friends or with the level of high quality printing they boast you can keep them for yourself and have them framed.
The post cards measure 105mm X 148mm and are printed onto a gloss 300gsm card with a gloss laminate.
They are available right now in my Etsy Store!
Thanks so much for looking

A few more prints for the store

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Just a note about a mini update to the etsy store.  Its all a bit exciting of late around here.   I have postcards and Christmas cards on the way and Ive been making magnets, and buttons to sell, but until they are ready here are three new prints.
Sometimes I dont like my work that much, probably because it is mine and I know what went into it, but I rather like this one, I named it “Top of the Stairs”.

The other two prints went a bit carnival in theme
Candy Carousel

and Joanna Strange

Oh and I want to show these off too!  Narelle from “Outsource Design”  has done the cutest job on making me up some business cards.  I just love them!  This is the back

and this is the front

of all the printed goodies that are on their way I like these the best I think.  Perhaps I should have gotten Narelles help on everything else too, she is one very fine designer.  Thanks so much Narelle!

New prints

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Seems like ages since I posted new prints.  The originals are now in the PG Printmaker Gallery at 227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and the reproductions of some of them are in the Etsy store.
Unusually I have done a nude.  Im usually a little uncomfortable with the idea of nudity for my girls, but I saw an old painting and just liked the look of it so much I wanted to do one similar to it in my style.  She already has a home.  Ive done one other nude as a request from a lovely man that has bought a great deal of my work over the years so I thought it only fair to see if he would like the “sister” image.  So rather nicely I think they will be together.

The next one is taken from one of the covers of “Milk” magazine, she is a deer girl.  Im a bit partial to the new mix of blues I tried with her.

More girls with ears

and a little bit of Alice slipping in here with girl Tweedles

and a pin up to round it off, I called her “Chips Ahoy”, loved those biscuits as a kid.  I dont much now, but I still love choc chip cookies so long as they are home made.

On a fashion purchase note, I just nabbed this rather cute dress with stars on it.  It was the stars that got me actually, cant resist anything with stars.

Star close up in the other colour way, so hard to choose!

Thats it for me, the rest of the day will be spent re-bedding our Strawberry plants, the soil level has dropped dramatically in their containers and we just have time to re-plant them before they kick in to full production mode.  Although with all this sun most of them are trying very hard already to fruit, hears hoping for a lush season of strawberries and cream!

JamFancy Blythe outfit sets for sale!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Hi everyone
Finally I have made a set of four Blythe outfits for sale, I have meant to get organised and do this for ages and it was fun too.
Ive named the set, “High Tea”:

Each set contains a dress in raw silk, matching raw silk double bow, glitter stockings and a matching bunny.  The dress has a lace bib trimmed with ric-rac and a high collar in bobble lace, the sleeves are vintage swiss dot with an embroidered flower on them, and the dress is trimmed in vintage lace, jaquard ribbon and ruffled ribbon on the hem.  It does up in back with two snaps.
(please click on images for larger size)
Chocolate cake:SOLD

Cream and Sugar: SOLD

Raspberry Tart: SOLD

Blueberry Muffin: SOLD

Each set will come to you in full Jamfancy packaging, with a Jamfancy cloth tag  and shipped in a box.  The sets are $150.00Au each and shipping within Australia is $8.80Au for express post parcel which is trackable.  International is airmail $16.50Au, airmail insured $28.20Au, or registered post $22.00Au.  Please choose which postage option suits you.
Please email me using the name of the outfit you would like to buy in the header space and my paypal ID is
Thanks so much for looking

The patch

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Just took some new pictures of the vegetable patch, post the “rat wars” that we have been experiencing here.  This picture of our corn oddly shrouded and looking just a little like an aviary is part of our efforts to keep the little sods off our veg!
So far so good, but they decimated our tomato crop, I think we got about ten tomatos and they got the rest, often just taking one bite then moving on to the next tomato for another single bite.  Below is the new look tomato bed, its all peas, haricots, lettuce and little french breakfast radishes now with plans for purple sprouting brocali down the middle.  Its really shot up too since I took this photo, the haricots are about 6 inches high and the peas are delightful little tufts of leaves ready to start climbing.  We have since had to net it as well, this time to stop the birds digging up the peas and strewing them about for seemingly no reason.
You can just make out the pile of old tomato in the pictures here, its forming very nice compost at least.  We have learned a lot this year about the various perils of vegetable growing and will be ready for them next tomato season.  Many people told us netting was no use against rats, so we didnt do it, I wish we had, we might have saved our tomato crop.  It is still one of the most enjoyable things in the world to do though and I do love our new pea climber, even if nothing were to grow, I think its really very appealing.

Bit late with the pictures of Christmas goodies!

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Ive been so lazy this year getting my pictures of some of the Christmas edible goodies up!  Paul made 730 hand made filled chocolates this year, so many that we couldnt fit all of them on the table I use to take photos on!  We still have a little tub left over too.
Here they are filling the table
and some pretty close ups
Made some new packaging for them this year too, Bandit Chef rides again!
The “this year with love” part of the text drew much hilarity as to what the emotion would be for next year or for previous years, “spleen” got a lot of votes…..well it got mine, its such a good word.
and finally our traditional iced Christmas cake, last year I branched out a bit from the usual Christmas stuff and went with “where the wild things are”, so I thought I might do that again and decided we would have a Totoro Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you all and have a Happy New Year as well.

Cermics for presents, ceramics for sale!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Been busting to show you these two cats I made for my Mums Birthday, but obviously I had to keep them a surprise.  They lived on my mantel for a week and she very nearly didnt get them after all…..
cats closer
They are supposed to be like the Staffordshire dogs and cats for Mantels and firesides (right hand click view image to see them bigger)
The black one is just a tiny bit bigger than the brown one though, but I think they came out quite nicely in the end.
and now for the ones for sale in the future, not sure if they will be online or just in the gallery that has my prints
These are quite small, only about 4 inches high
I think this one is my favourite
another present one goes in for firing this week and another sale girl will get dipped and hopefully her potential owners will like her when she is done.

A new term of ceramics

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Just got back my first two finished ceramics pieces from this term.  I did these ones at home so Im very relieved they have survived all their travelling to get back here in one piece.
Bat girl in a tutu
and a bandit/hero girl
This little Pierrot is just about to get a bit of sanding down, then I will glaze her and take her in to class for a firing, that ruffle was sheer Hell to make by the way so I hope she doesnt explode in the kiln!
I have a bunny head to pick up this week too, I do love doing ceramics!


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