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I heart Paul

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Paul made the most lovely heart shaped rose and raspberry macaron for a friends Birthday last week and I want to show it off a bit!
It is filled with homemade raspberry jam and chantilly cream, which is just cream with vanilla, but it tastes wonderful
and here it is just before it was eaten up
It was such a lovely day.

Its more shoes….

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

With Winter coming I am supposed to be finding a pair of plain brown boots to replace the pair I have with a hole in them……….like these Koos
or perhaps these from Jeffrey Campbell
They are both good practical Winter boots, brown………….however, I just keep getting distracted by things like these from Minnetonka
I see myself padding about in moccasins, maybe tracking deer?
or something very strappy from RNA-N
more Jeffrey Campbell
jeffrey campbell
Or these Jane Marple four straps, which for me are the Holy Grail of shoes
Ive taken so long to decide of course that at least two of these have sold out, I think its the black strappy Jeffrey Campbell ones that are winning, but they arent boots are they?

Jane Marple

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Here is another favourite Japanese brand Jane Marple I think my life would be complete if I could own one of these squashy little boaters, but it is singularly difficult stuff to get your hands on outside of Japan unfortunately.
jane1 copy
I simply adore the shoes, one day I will time it just right and be in Japan when these are in store, one day………..

New prints in the store and something to try at home.

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Just put a couple of newish prints in the store
Farty Boy Hero
farty copy
and this odd little girl with sausages as a pet
sausage copy
and now for the something to try at home.  Cant really call this a recipe, but I swear it tastes very nearly like cheesecake and is basically very good for you, I love how I feel like Im getting away with something every time I eat it.
Start with some Evia yoghurt, the plain full fat one, although I bought the low fat by mistake and it seemed to taste the same
sprinkle a good handful of Vogel Cluster Crunch breakfast cereal
on to about two heaped tablespoons of the yoghurt and then add a third of a punnet or so of blackberries
not sure you need a picture of blackberries…………but anyway, mush it all about a bit and be amazed at how healthy it all is and how cheesecakey an experience you are having!  It really is very good.

Nathalie Lete Love

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Finally I am showing off my Nathalie Lete ceramic dogs!!!  I love them to bits and never thought living in Australia that I would be able to get my mitts on them, but this wonderful store called Kleins Perfumery in Brunswick Street has them!  Not to mention many other very hard to find Nathalie Lete items.  So now they are Mine (add maniacal laugh).
How cute is it that they come with their own little ceramic bones, and how odd that the blue one is a girl and has nipples……
Here is the full view of my lounge room mantel, its nigh on perfect I think once you add the Fawn Gehweiler glass painting and a dome
and people say “possessions” don’t make you happy?  Its working for me!  Wait till I show you the plates, bedspread, melamine breakfast set, and the little pill boxes.  If only I could get the lovely couch from Anthropologie.


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