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Brooches for sale!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

I have a bunch of brooches for sale right now at my etsy store

Thanks for looking!

New brooches

Monday, July 14th, 2014

I really havent done much updating here, but at least these are new and in the etsy store

Im afraid the bandits are already spoken for but the rest are up for grabs!
Thanks for looking

Ceramic dollies

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

I made the beginnings of a ceramic doll with a cloth body ages ago and only recently finally put her together

I wish I had done it sooner as I really like her!  She fits Blythe clothes as well which is a nice bonus.  She has naturally led to me making ones with bunny heads*L*

This one is staying with me and I put her in my most fancy look Blythe dress.  I made this black one for Kelly (The Storybook Rabbit) in a wonderful trade that I think I got the better deal in.  I went to town on the dress.

Here they both are together in simpler dresses with bloomers

I am now making two more commissioned bunny dolls.  Which is great fun, one is going to have a little sailor suit.  If anyone is interested in putting in an order for one, they are $350.ooau.   You get a one of a kind sculpt, the colouring of your choice, then it goes through two firings before I make a body for it and a simple dress with bloomers, or a top and bloomers/trousers for a boy bunny.
Hope you like them

Ceramics for sale!

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Hi Everyone
Well, I have made some ceramic pieces and am trying something new, selling them on etsy!
Each piece is hand sculpted and one of a kind, not from a mold.  They will be shipped double boxed and fully insured for maximum safety too.
I do hope someone wants to buy them.  Shipping is inclusive in the price if that helps any?  : )
Tea for Two  $450.00Au

Bat Girls Little Sister $250.00Au

and Bad Kitty $250.00Au

Thanks for looking

Spot of ceramics

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Just a few new things made for people in particular, hope they like them!
Lolly Lady
Antler Lady

another macaron box with some brooches I was trying out

and a bunny head brooch too

still two vases to collect before my Japan trip this week, hope I can get them home before I leave.
Thanks for looking

First nude

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

A while ago I did this print as a comission for the lovely fellow that owns Madame Sousou in Brunswick Street.  He owns quite a few of my prints and should almost get a comission as many of them are in the restaurant and the print shop that sells them is pretty much next door and he sends quite a bit of business my way.

I rather liked how she came out and thought she would be fun to do as a ceramic piece and here she is:

I hope Theo likes her.

Some new things

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Finally some new work to post about!   I did have four new ceramic pieces, but my Mother pinched one before I even took a photo, one just sold and yet another had to go back for a bit of a touch up glaze. So, photos of two of the pieces with more to come.
Red Riding Hood

and a boy bunny chum for the girl bunny

Plus a couple of new prints for good measure.

Thanks for looking

Very Christmassy

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Its delightfully Christmassy here.  We finished the tree last night and had the traditional first mince pie of the season sitting together beneath it admiring its glittery splendour, ah, perfect.
Here is this years Christmas cake decoration, she sort of spread a little as she dried out, but I feel she is the “full and happy, second helpings every time” Christmas Deer Girl.

A new addition this year are the bunny heads, a set of four mini sized bunny heads that seemed festive enough to leave up after the addition of some glitter holly.

Here they are as individual bunnies:
Black and white

Grey bunny

Brown bunny

and albino bunny

and some decorations I made for the tree, deer girl

yet another bunny

and Pauls and mine initialled macarons

Just the gingerbread house to decorate and the first party this weekend, Im looking forward to all of Christmas so much, especially the leftovers.  Merry Christmas everyone!

New prints and new ceramics

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Got a few new prints in the etsy store, seems masks and noses are all I can do of late.  I finished a new one yesterday called Knitting Girl Hero as well, will have to wait for a sunny day to take a photo though before I can add her.
This of course is “Sausage Girl Hero”, don’t know why this idea didnt occur to me some time ago really…..
and this one was completed around Valentine’s but I got the worst cold so she is only going in the store now, oh well, I never do time these things well
and finally yet another year of the bunny print, I do love this bunny year for inspiration!
bunnyearworking copy
Got some new ceramics back as well.  These plates and bowls are mainly from my first classes when I was too scared to do anything but make plates and bowls with moulds, it seemed so much safer than trying to make something in 3D!  I had been putting off painting them up for some reason, but ended up really enjoying it and plan on doing many more, I think they will even end up in the etsy store too.
Yeaar of the bunny again
This platter was to give me something to do  in class, I dont like to do any of the more detailed things as I only have a couple of hours and cant get them finished, so I made flowers for many classes, not really sure what to do with this now, serve crisps in it perhaps?
This girl is a work in progress really, she is going to be a ceramic doll.  Just cant wait to make her a body and clothes!
the limbs
Okay that is it for now, finally a bit caught up!

Big ceramic catch up!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

I realised yesterday that I had gotten quite behind in my show and tell of my ceramic works*L*  Im in a very lazy Christmas holiday mood I think, but I rounded them all up and here they are
I think this is my favourite, she is a vase, she was meant to be a bud vase, but I got a little carried away and she is quite large now
Here she is without her mad flower “hat” or “thoughts”, she looks almost nude I think
Next is the Bunny Rider, I thought after the bunny being so heavy that putting the girl on top would collapse the whole thing and very nearly gave up, but Im glad I didnt in the end.  The tree is inspired by the Staffordshire ones that are used to hold up various animals in their ceramic works.  Of course you can hardly see it though.
another item just to fill up the other dome I own
and finally this one is a little sad.  I made this girl so that she could sit on her custom chair or perch merrily out in the world……however, the people that fired her were a little careless and pushed her against the blocks she was sitting on, she was being glazed so of course her poor legs fused to the blocks!  They had to snap her legs!  It looked horrible, but Paul patiently glued her seamlessly back together.  She was to be for a lovely couple though and sadly cant be sold in her current condition, so she is staying we me I think.
there is one more……but he is a secret for now.
thanks for looking


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