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Puppy Dogs' Tails

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Some new prints in the shop, and they are all boys!  I often get requests for images of little boys, seems I have a girly bias, so I hope these balance things out just a smidge.
pirate copy
robber copy
I named these two, the “Wishing Hat” and the “Wishing Trousers”, I really like the idea of that, I want both items
the-wishing-trousers copy
the-wishing-hat copy
and this one is called Henry’s friends
henry's-friends copy
More boys to come I think…..

Making our own fun!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Paul and I spent last weekend making raised vegetable beds for our upcoming kitchen garden, for some reason we are wildly excited about this and it spilled over into the every day
Look at our toilet for instance
I left it as a surprise for Paul to find, then I just got silly
Grumpy Toilet
and Sad Toilet
We had paid a trip to Bunnings for supplies and while Paul was working on the garden beds, I was doing more important things
with that done I went to help with the hard work, it really was hard, blisters, sore backs, but very satisfying to see a very long term dream coming together at last, now for the dirt and the plants!
Our first bed
all three
Oh and if you are in Australia and always wanted to grow your own vegetables I can’t recommend the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden book enough, so full of helpful tips and with recipes to boot!
Next stop, chickens!


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