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Monday, April 26th, 2010

Bicycles and Boaters to be precise.  I find myself obsessing about both items and not really needing either, in fact I have a bike and a boater, but they aren’t so nice as these ones are….
Look at this beauty in palest peachy pink from Retrovelo
Love the white tyres
then there are all the delightful accessories to buy as well, this one is from the retrovelo store
and I have coveted these for a very long time and just found them online and shipping to Australia here
they had these rather natty seat covers as well
Then there are the boaters, I have a pin head though and finding one that really fits has lead to my now owning three, with only one of them really doing the job.  Should have waited till the new Spring collections from Japan.
Adam et Rope:
and this blue one from I cant remember where
and these arent boaters but what the Hell, I love them too!
This one is from Mother and its soooo green and insanely pricey at nearly $300
this one is from Chou Chou de Maman and at least it would fit my head*L*
Oh well, I just dont need any of it so I will have to be satisfied with the joy of seeing lovely things.

Something new in the store!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Ive been sitting on these cloth “dolls” for what seems like ages, something unpleasant occurred, then something pleasant in the shape of a holiday and now finally they are up for sale in the Etsy store.
Introducing “Five Little Girls”
There are five dolls in a drawstring bag, with one special guest, I put him in a mask in these photos for a “disguise”, but its just drawn on to keep you in suspense*L*  They were printed using my laser printer on to fabric, then cut out, laboriously machine sewn (it has made me a much faster sewer!) and stuffed.  They have no real practical purpose but can hang any old place around your home, or maybe make a Christmas appearance on the tree?  Im sure the bag could be handy for something too.
All the details are at the store, sorry about the horrible shipping price for overseas people, its the problem with living so far away in Australia, I tried to make it as reasonable as possible though.
Here they all are:
plus one mystery chap
Thanks and bye


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