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More ceramics

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Have fallen woefully behind in taking photos of the new ceramics I have been making.  I have four mini bunny heads on my wall, plus plates and a bunny headed girl still to do!  Here are some to be going on with though
a new vase

I almost prefer her without flowers, or maybe with smaller flowers?

a new deer girl, the first time I made this one she exploded in the kiln

and a very uninspired quick picture of one of the ornaments Ive made for our Christmas tree, I will have to take a better one when he is on the tree, but I couldnt resist getting one bunny in here.

JamFancy Button Pack

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Well, I made these maybe two years ago…………..and only now have I gotten it together enough to put them up for sale.  At least I am in time for Christmas with them.
These little button brooches are “Cute as  a Button”, a fun colourful accessory to brighten up a jacket lapel, cardy or hat, or great as a little stocking stuffer as  we move closer to Christmas.  At just a little under 3.5cm in diameter, they can be worn by your Blythe doll as well.
There are eight different sets of three to choose from, each badge featuring a different JamFancy girl on a coloured background.  They are oddly jewel like actually, rather shiney and pretty.
They will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelope and wrapped in bubble wrap for extra care and are nine dollars per set.
Bad Kitty pack

Bandit pack
Drummer pack

Geisha pack

Grumpy Girl Hero pack

Reading Girl Hero pack

Sewing pack

Paper doll pack

and now for my natty pictures of “serving suggestions” *L*

thanks very much for looking!

Jam Fancy Magnets!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I had so much fun making these magnets, my fridge is covered with them too*L*  I may have gone a bit overboard, I think Ive made about 18 different ones to choose from!
Unfortunately this isnt my lovely pink Smeg fridge, I just thought they looked so much cuter on this one than on my rather dull metal fridge

Here they all are…we have bunnies

Deer Girls

Girl Heros

various bandits


and various others, you can see what I meant about getting a bit carried away…..

They are all listed right now at my Etsy store for a mere $5.00 each too.  If the one you are after is missing though, either let me know or give me a minute to re-list, Etsy charges like a wounded bull with a shoe fetish to maintain per listing, so I just put up one at a time.
Thanks for looking


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