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and now Christmas cards!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Hello again
Hurray!  It is nearly Christmas, quite definitely the very best time of the year and I have made some Christmas cards to help you celebrate.  This is something I have wanted to do for years, but somehow Christmas always caught up with me before I got around to it, so Im rather excited to have finally gotten a bit organised.
A set of six cards (three of each kind) with suitably seasonal red and green envelopes.  Inside a cheery Christmas message reads, “ Merry Christmas Deery”.
Printed on quality 300 gsm cast coated high gloss card size 148mm X 105mm
Start your Christmas shopping early this year at my Etsy store!

Oooh I love Christmas, just cant wait.

Post Cards at last!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

At last, a new set of JamFancy postcards are available!
Six lovely images per set.

Bandit Girl

a sweet Geisha

Oh Dearie

the precocious girl from the “oh dear” print

Starlight room

and the original Girl Hero

Oh and here is the back.  Id sort of forgotten I was paying for four colour printing both sides and was just going to get the “standard” postcard text, till Narelle reminded me of it.  Im very glad she did and thankful for her help in making it look rather swish!

Buy a set and send them to your friends or with the level of high quality printing they boast you can keep them for yourself and have them framed.
The post cards measure 105mm X 148mm and are printed onto a gloss 300gsm card with a gloss laminate.
They are available right now in my Etsy Store!
Thanks so much for looking

A few more prints for the store

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Just a note about a mini update to the etsy store.  Its all a bit exciting of late around here.   I have postcards and Christmas cards on the way and Ive been making magnets, and buttons to sell, but until they are ready here are three new prints.
Sometimes I dont like my work that much, probably because it is mine and I know what went into it, but I rather like this one, I named it “Top of the Stairs”.

The other two prints went a bit carnival in theme
Candy Carousel

and Joanna Strange

Oh and I want to show these off too!  Narelle from “Outsource Design”  has done the cutest job on making me up some business cards.  I just love them!  This is the back

and this is the front

of all the printed goodies that are on their way I like these the best I think.  Perhaps I should have gotten Narelles help on everything else too, she is one very fine designer.  Thanks so much Narelle!


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