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Geisha Day

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Just got my little Geisha ceramic back today, I think those stripes are making her my new favourite
and I put a new Geisha print in the store “Candy Apple”.  Ive gone green mad by the way, if its green, I seem to love it.

More ceramic girls

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Here are the latest batch of ceramic girls home at last
the pierrot that had an eye accident and ended up with a patch
The black eyed girl and her bird and key
and lastly the first of the Girl Hero’s to go 3D.  There were a few hairy moments, but I got there in the end and here she is standing up!
another one is due back next week, only two weeks of class to go though, so Im panicking to get more done
thanks for looking

Cruelty free taxidermy

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I have always loved the look of taxidermy but at the same time it seems a bit iffy, so I made myself a bunny head for the wall in ceramics instead
He was quite a tricky sculpt to do in the end, but Im fairly happy with him, I put two little holes under his chin to tie a ribbon into a bow for him and I think that might be what I like best about him
I made him to go on the wall underneath the beautiful paper dolls that Amy from Wool and Water made for Paul’s and my anniversary, he seems to work nicely with it somehow
with painting
Three more ceramic girls are being fired and glazed this week and I just made a little geisha with a dolly this afternoon, Im very keen to get much more done this term!

A new term of ceramics

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Just got back my first two finished ceramics pieces from this term.  I did these ones at home so Im very relieved they have survived all their travelling to get back here in one piece.
Bat girl in a tutu
and a bandit/hero girl
This little Pierrot is just about to get a bit of sanding down, then I will glaze her and take her in to class for a firing, that ruffle was sheer Hell to make by the way so I hope she doesnt explode in the kiln!
I have a bunny head to pick up this week too, I do love doing ceramics!


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