Paper Anniversary

A little while back Paul and I had our first Wedding Anniversary.  We have two of them, the “when we met” one, which is eighteen years now and the Wedding, which was our first, traditionally the gifts should be of paper.
I knew exactly what I wanted to give Paul and I was so very, very lucky as to be able to get it.  I asked Amy Earles “Wool and Water” if she would consider doing paper dolls of Paul and me in our wedding outfits and she agreed!  I knew it would be beautiful, but it was so much more beautiful than I expected.
The detail is amazing and the cute little personal additions like Paul’s spotty socks and my doll carrying a little “Christina the Bride” Blythe doll were lovely.  I was blown away by them, wanting to touch but afraid to in case I damaged their miniature perfection.  I can’t say thank you enough Amy, they are so very special to both of us.
I have been keeping this vintage black wooden frame with carved hearts for probably a good ten years now, waiting for something just right for it and now it has its perfect match.
I made a present as well, at last getting around to putting our Wedding pictures into an album:
There are photos of us in there……………but I hate showing pictures of me, we have all our cards and even the cork from the Champagne bottle as well.  I really like this two Anniversary thing, more presents, more lovely dinners.

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  1. Sarah Pooka Says:

    I think I want to curl up and live in your blog for a while, this gift is so awesome. Hubby and I give each other a number each year made of whatever the symbol for that particular anniversary is. Nearly 8 years later I have to shamefully admit that the photos are still in a box waiting to go in an album embroidered by my Nana; I think you have inspired me to rectify the situation.

  2. jamfancy Says:

    It took me a year to do this too*L*

  3. jamfancy Says:

    The album from your Nana sounds beautiful!

  4. piccadilly Says:

    This is so beautiful and clever–very fitting of you both!

  5. Eerika Says:

    Congratulations on your first anniversary!
    I love Wool & Water’s work, you’re so lucky to have such a beautiful personalized piece from her.
    That photo album is awesome too! 😀

  6. chun Says:

    Happy Anniversary! How sweet XD thank you for sharing with us 😀

  7. lollipoppet Says:

    Thanks for sharing that personal wedding album – it is just beautiful!
    The paper dolls were a beautiful choice for your first anniversary…

  8. Melissa Says:

    No fair, I want to see the photos of you!! Congratulations, you two are one of the most lovely in love couples I have ever met.

  9. Snuffy Says:

    I don`t know why you don`t like showing pictures of a quite stunning…Love the paper dolls..I loved making those as a kid with the movable arms and legs..perfect frame for them too…and that album..just beautiful 😉

  10. Lisa Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! Those paper dolls are SO DARN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love your wedding album. that is so sweet!

  11. Nightwish Says:

    wow, those paper dolls are so beautiful – what a beautiful and special idea! thanks for sharing. i went over to her etsy and bought 3 sets of paper dolls before i knew it!
    the album is lovely too <3
    and hpe you guys had a happy anniversary!

  12. Fran Says:

    How romantic! Those paper dolls and your album are so lovely. Happy first anniversary! x

  13. Jo* Says:

    Everything is lovely, what a great celebration.

  14. alex* Says:

    Happy anniversary!!!
    So ok….how did I not know this blog existed???? I see your Flickr and I know you had an LJ, but somehow I didn’t quite realize you were blogging regularly over here. Everything is AMAZING…..i was just talking about you and how you hosted Sophie (a Flickr friend and I met for lunch and turns out she is a Blythe girl too!). Anyway, always inspiring. AMAZING. And what a gorgeous gift and album.

  15. Evie Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I love your artwork/dolls and your posts about Japanese-related stuff! I’m living in Tokyo now and I had a couple questions about getting married here. Did you need your birth certificates?If so, did you use the originals or copies? Thanks!

  16. jamfancy Says:

    Im sort of guessing a little here as my memory of it all is fuzzy now…….but Im fairly sure we did need our original birth certificates for the Australian Embassy. I think we just contacted the Shibuya Council offices and they sort of took us through it all step by step, the woman went so far out of her way for us, be ready with a gift at the end, they will have deserved it. The other thing was that you needed a Japanese translation of all your English answers for the Shibuya office. All in all it was relatively easy to do and very fun. I can hunt down old email exchanges if you get stuck anywhere too.

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