Remember Dinosaur Designs?

I was going to post something else entirely this morning, but came across Dinosaur Designs as I was browsing about and got a very nice surprise.  Its been ages since I last visited.  I own a lovely deep red chunky rose ring and a butterfly in green, but they went a bit geometric for my tastes and Id basically forgotten about them, but look at some of these lovelies…..
from the bird collection
My other favourite of the collections were the Fungi, just saying Fungi is nice too
and they have mushroom lamps too!
for more mushroom fun you can go to their fungiverse and make and name your own mushroom.  There used to be a store near me, hope it is still there, Id love a little mushroom of my own.

3 Responses to “Remember Dinosaur Designs?”

  1. Claire Says:

    ooh , I was just talking to a friend the other day about dinosaur designs (hang on, was it you?? hmm… now I can’t remember who!). This stuff is gorgeous. I too had wandered away from liking their stuff for a while but this is great stuff! xx

  2. chun Says:

    my favourite has to be the first image 🙂 how lovely!

  3. jamfancy Says:

    I think we all need to go shares in one of the bigger pieces so we can have a few feathers or mushrooms each.

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