Nathalie Lete Love

Finally I am showing off my Nathalie Lete ceramic dogs!!!  I love them to bits and never thought living in Australia that I would be able to get my mitts on them, but this wonderful store called Kleins Perfumery in Brunswick Street has them!  Not to mention many other very hard to find Nathalie Lete items.  So now they are Mine (add maniacal laugh).
How cute is it that they come with their own little ceramic bones, and how odd that the blue one is a girl and has nipples……
Here is the full view of my lounge room mantel, its nigh on perfect I think once you add the Fawn Gehweiler glass painting and a dome
and people say “possessions” don’t make you happy?  Its working for me!  Wait till I show you the plates, bedspread, melamine breakfast set, and the little pill boxes.  If only I could get the lovely couch from Anthropologie.

3 Responses to “Nathalie Lete Love”

  1. Fran Says:

    They look amazing. I was at Kleins just before christmas and saw these two high on a shelf…pre christmas funds couldn’t quite make the stretch…but I got one of her lovely dishes instead…featuring a teddy bear. She’s so talented.

  2. Amy Says:

    They are super lovely! You have a very enviable mantle. : )

  3. naomi ackerlund Says:

    I think the dogs and cats are lovely . how do I find out the prices and where to get them.

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