Its more shoes….

With Winter coming I am supposed to be finding a pair of plain brown boots to replace the pair I have with a hole in them……….like these Koos
or perhaps these from Jeffrey Campbell
They are both good practical Winter boots, brown………….however, I just keep getting distracted by things like these from Minnetonka
I see myself padding about in moccasins, maybe tracking deer?
or something very strappy from RNA-N
more Jeffrey Campbell
jeffrey campbell
Or these Jane Marple four straps, which for me are the Holy Grail of shoes
Ive taken so long to decide of course that at least two of these have sold out, I think its the black strappy Jeffrey Campbell ones that are winning, but they arent boots are they?

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  1. merche Says:

    all! well the first

  2. Eerika Says:

    Do you ever get snow there on the other side of the world? Since if you don’t, I’d totally go for the strappy Jeffrey Campbell shoes, although I really like the look of those Minnetonka boots too, they look so comfy. And of course, Koos boots are always awesome and super cute, but if you have a chance to get your hands on those Jane Marple shoes, I’d say go for them, you’ll regret it if you don’t.
    I’m not really much help, am I. 😀

  3. jamfancy Says:

    You sound sort of like the conversation Im having with myself*L* Although I have an email ready to go on the Jane Marples, they are so hard to get and I have a chance…….isnt it nice to have to choose shoes*L*

  4. maynarda Says:

    I love Jane Marple four straps!

  5. Snuffy Says:

    Well you Definitely Need a pair of boots for Winter..a must for everyones wardrobe..but I can see you in little Red Boots..but I`m a sucker for Red Boots/Shoes..BUT you really Need those last ones!they are boots if you wear fabulous woolen or cotton stockings underneath 😉 Jane Marples for sure!

  6. myra Says:

    Hehehe I was bored so I came to see the shoes~~~ Love the moccasin ones! Though with the small stitching detail, the Jeffery Campbell boots are like a cross between the moccasin ones and the first boot. I also wonder about snow in Australia if you’re considering strappy sandals for winter gear! LOL

  7. KT girl Says:

    go the Jeffrey Campbell and then buy boots as well, Who says you can’t have both!

  8. Paula Says:

    i love the strappy Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but i always like Minnetonkas too, they look so comfy.
    just to throw more shoe enablement & confusion into the mix, do you know Chie Mihara’s shoes? Niamh & I have been drooling over them a lot recently.
    Etsu/Frederica/Iona/Teco/Nerine ♥

  9. jamfancy Says:

    Oooh yes, I do know them, they were my “one expensive pair of shoes” for last year*L* I got the ankle boots with a sort of ruffle round the toe and bows on the sides : )

  10. Paula Says:

    yeah, her shoes are a bit expensive (but they would never fit my wide hooves anyway) but i really like her designs. the boots sound lovely!!

  11. rachael Says:

    i say minnetonka! they look warm with wool socks…although probably not for tracking through snow 🙂

  12. Aimee Says:

    AH! Ok, I posted this on flickr, but I didn’t realize that voting was really on your blog:
    I am going to veto these. I have them. the ankles are very wide and flappy and they do not look as cute as you would think they do from the photo. They also cut off at a weird place just above your ankle.
    I also have these. They are flattering, comfy and adorable.
    I’d go with them instead.

  13. Aimee Says:

    Image didn’t show up. The minnetonkas are wide and flappy. The two-button minnetonkas are much more flattering.

  14. Aimee Says:

    Image didn’t show up. The minnetonkas you have pictured are wide and flappy. The two-button minnetonkas are much more flattering, and the lace up trackers.

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