Puppy Dogs' Tails

Some new prints in the shop, and they are all boys!  I often get requests for images of little boys, seems I have a girly bias, so I hope these balance things out just a smidge.
pirate copy
robber copy
I named these two, the “Wishing Hat” and the “Wishing Trousers”, I really like the idea of that, I want both items
the-wishing-trousers copy
the-wishing-hat copy
and this one is called Henry’s friends
henry's-friends copy
More boys to come I think…..

3 Responses to “Puppy Dogs' Tails”

  1. KT girl Says:

    I love these boys too! keep them coming because little and big boys do have a lot of sweetness if you let them.

  2. gina Says:

    hooray for boys! carpenter has his hanging over his bed on fire island. it’s the cutest thing EVER!! and everyone that comes falls in love!

  3. jamfancy Says:

    Hi Gina
    Hope you dont mind that Carpenters print is being reproduced? I always liked his one, I think its the stars, love anything with stars on it*L* Missing you : )

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