More ceramic girls

Here are the latest batch of ceramic girls home at last
the pierrot that had an eye accident and ended up with a patch
The black eyed girl and her bird and key
and lastly the first of the Girl Hero’s to go 3D.  There were a few hairy moments, but I got there in the end and here she is standing up!
another one is due back next week, only two weeks of class to go though, so Im panicking to get more done
thanks for looking

11 Responses to “More ceramic girls”

  1. chun Says:

    Aw! Hopefully you get to make a lot more! So cute!

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Just found out yesterday they hold our place in the class, I was a bit worried as its full up with a fair bit of outside interest, so Im safe : )

  3. Lisa Says:

    OH!!! The girl with the bird??!!!! These are FABULOUS!!!

  4. Snuffy Says:

    Oh wow Cristina! That black eyed girl and her bird and key one is spectacular..I can`t believe the little bird made it in the firing process! Love her colours too..your glazing technique is wonderful…love the crackled look 🙂
    You must never stop..these are just too good 😉

  5. jamfancy Says:

    I know, I thought it would come off! Oh and I think the crackling is seen as a fault according to some internet ceramics stuff I was browsing, but I love it.

  6. Elley (Linda) Says:

    Omg these are so adorable, just like the first ones! Actually I love how you’ve managed to transfer their style and personality into 3D, I wouldn’t have imagined it would work as the originals are quite “flat” in their style of drawing – it’s rare that you see a successful transfer from 2D to 3D without losing some of the charm but you’ve done it. I hope you get too keep on doing it!

  7. jamfancy Says:

    Really? I always think everything 2D needs to be 3D, so this is quite satisfying.

  8. ana de toledo Says:

    I am really astonished with that brilliant talent and the most refined art!

  9. Eerika Says:

    Oh wow! They’re all fantastic!
    You’re really very good at ceramics, it’s always a pleasure to see what you can make with a bit clay and some glazing.

  10. Amy Says:

    These are all so good! I hope you’ll find a way to continue working in this medium after your class is over.

  11. Jeff Says:

    Oh me oh my! Love Love Love the new creations – they are so adorable! Have you got room for a little kiln?

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