For the Modern Gentleman

I made these Button Holes for the “Modern Gentleman” for Paul for our most recent anniversary
close flowers
for me I made this star headband as something to go with my very glittery and very early Birthday present.  Its a bracelet and necklace all in rhinestone, shiny.
How dapper are we both going to be this Christmas? : )

5 Responses to “For the Modern Gentleman”

  1. chun Says:

    hehe I wanna see you wearing the starry hairband! 😀

  2. Shelly Says:

    I LOVE the button holes, they’re exquisite!

  3. Eerika Says:

    You’re going to look super dapper! I hope there will be pictures of both of you decked out in your finery. 😀

  4. lollipoppet Says:

    I think you should borrow pauls flowers from time too time thy are all divine!

  5. Helena Says:

    Those are the most precious birthday presents I have ever seen. The Button Holes are beautiful and the headband with matching bracelet and necklace are gorgeous! You are such a talented person. Congrats!!

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