Is it macaron madness?

Here are the foodie ceramics that I brought home from class the other day, a theme seems to be developing…
and of course that theme is macarons!*L*  These are for a set of glass domes I bought that turned out to be the wrong size!  Finally something to go in them.
and this is Paul, the Bandit Chef, holding a tiny little rose macaron, whilst standing in front of a whopping great big rose macaron that now holds our ipod and any other stray bits in the lounge room
well, its either a whopping great macaron, or a pink hamburger anyway
better start making some stuff to get ready for next terms class!

17 Responses to “Is it macaron madness?”

  1. Fran Says:

    They look amazing. The perfect macaron…that lasts forever. Hey, did u knw Nathalie lete is In Melbourne next Sunday? X

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Shit! No I had no idea, do you have details??? Id love to see her.

  3. Vic Says:

    GORGEOUS! I looooooooooooooooooooooooove the one in the cake stand… inspired!

  4. Fran Says:

    Yes…at work. I did an interview with her. So sweet. I’ll email u tomorrow.

  5. jamfancy Says:

    Oh, how lucky are you? She always looks so utterly brilliant and her work is amazing, how exciting, sorry gone all fan girl*L*

  6. parisbreakfast Says:

    This is just FABULOUS!!!
    Excellent craftsmanship and your ‘feet’ are lovely.
    I wish Natalie Leit would come to NYC…

  7. Lynn Says:

    hi christina, where are you doing your classes, you are making some fabulous pieces. you must be the star pupil. lynn

  8. Snuffy Says:

    Yes! They must Love having you in the class…a Star pupil indeed…beautiful work

  9. cinti Says:

    Was such a treat meeting you the other day, have always admired your work from afar. Those macaroons look delish. Cant wait to see what you create with your new kiln
    xx cinti

  10. Sandra Eterovic Says:

    Christina, I am in AWE!!! A stand of jam fancies must surely be next.
    Thanks so much for letting me know about Nathalie Lete….I spent the day at the Virgin terminal of Melb airport with 100,000 of my nearest companions instead. I hope your day was much more fruitful!

  11. jamfancy Says:

    Oh dear, that sounds horrible.

  12. INOMI Says:

    Hello Christina, your works are fabulous!!!

  13. Jenn Says:

    oh my goodness!! These are cutest ceramic pieces ever!! Would it be ok if I post about these on my blog? xoxo

  14. jamfancy Says:

    That would be lovely, thank you!

  15. Jeff Says:

    Oh my, they look so yummy! What favorite lollies can you see yourself filling the lady with?

  16. jamfancy Says:

    Well……it was going to be Pauls handmade chocolates, but they sort of got eaten before any photos happened. Maybe I should fill it with macarons? : )

  17. Umi S. Says:

    Hi Christina,
    I was shock! when saw your pinklish macaron. I’m a person who is very, very mad about making macarons. If u think about selling your hand craft products please thinking about me ^^ … I will wait to buy them all 🙂

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