To nose, or not to nose…..

I did two prints today and for some reason when I was drawing them up, they just needed to have noses.  None of my girls have ever had noses, not sure why exactly.  It poses some problems at times, I cant really do side views of them as they look like one eyed balloons for instance.  Of late I have become highly enamoured of other peoples drawings etc of pink noses too, they are so adorable, like a nose blush or something.  Anyway, these two girls have noses.
maskeddeergirl copy
masked bunny copy
and this girl in her original form has no nose, but I sort of mocked up a nose version of her, which do you prefer?
not-to-nose copy
tonose copy
are they still  my girls if they grow a new apendage?

11 Responses to “To nose, or not to nose…..”

  1. Ana Camamiel Says:

    I´m a no-nose person totally. Hahaha! My dollies never have noses and in my drawings I rarely make noses.
    In my opinion the masked girls are prettier without noses, but the last one, the smoking girl, is really cute with her nose. It really suits her!
    But I´m a total freak. And of course they are gorgeous anyway and totally yours! I would love them with noses and three eyes if necessary.

  2. KT girl Says:

    I like the noses on the top girls but prefer without on the bottom one. They are still your girls, but just like all children they grow up and demand a voice of their own. As nurturer, listen.

  3. ChuThings - Chu Says:

    I love the first girl with a nose and the last one too, but the middle one to me can be without it :). Your paintings are fabulous! <3

  4. WEndy Says:

    i like them with a nose

  5. Brigitte Says:

    I love them, I think I’d be more inclined to buy them with noses too :3 it’s just that extra little touch, I think it makes them perfect.

  6. pinkytoast Says:

    sometimes a sniffer just makes an even number,
    but it’s a mystery to be without….
    who doesn’t love a girl who can’t smell your naught heart;)

  7. Eerika Says:

    I’m a huge fan of blushy noses -as my drawings will testify- but I think that whether your girls should have noses or not is up to you. I think they still look like your girls even with noses, if maybe a little older and grown up compared to your no-nosed girls.
    It’s good to try out new and different things with your art now and then, and to evolve your style a bit over time. That way you won’t get stuck in a rut and get bored with what you’re doing.

  8. lollipoppet Says:

    I dont think it should be all or none. I like the deer girl and the nose because it looks blushy against the mask..the other 3 pics i would say no nose i rather like them without noses! Although having purchase 4 with no noses already I could be totally bias!

  9. Jacquelyn Stephens Says:

    You were a front page girl again today on Etsy so I thought I’d let you know that it does happen. Noses are totally problematic and I have never managed to do a good one. Possible reason for never returning to figuration for me. Your site looks gorgeous. The prints are charming but I am delighted to see the ceramics are sweet as can be.
    Cheers, Jacq

  10. nesha Says:

    haha their noses are so cute! Like little button noses! hehe I love them!!

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