Jam Fancy Magnets!

I had so much fun making these magnets, my fridge is covered with them too*L*  I may have gone a bit overboard, I think Ive made about 18 different ones to choose from!
Unfortunately this isnt my lovely pink Smeg fridge, I just thought they looked so much cuter on this one than on my rather dull metal fridge

Here they all are…we have bunnies

Deer Girls

Girl Heros

various bandits


and various others, you can see what I meant about getting a bit carried away…..

They are all listed right now at my Etsy store for a mere $5.00 each too.  If the one you are after is missing though, either let me know or give me a minute to re-list, Etsy charges like a wounded bull with a shoe fetish to maintain per listing, so I just put up one at a time.
Thanks for looking

2 Responses to “Jam Fancy Magnets!”

  1. kelly Says:

    omg omg!! too awesome for words. you have a smeg fridge!!!! in pink!!! argh!

  2. daisy Says:

    wow, they are sure most excellent. i love your work! LOVE.
    i hope you sell enough so you CAN buy the gorgeous pink Smeg fridge someday!

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