Spot of ceramics

Just a few new things made for people in particular, hope they like them!
Lolly Lady
Antler Lady

another macaron box with some brooches I was trying out

and a bunny head brooch too

still two vases to collect before my Japan trip this week, hope I can get them home before I leave.
Thanks for looking

4 Responses to “Spot of ceramics”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Gorgeous as always! Do you sell your ceramics anywhere in Melbs? And a Japan trip *swoon* I wish it was me too! Have a great time!!

  2. kelly Says:

    oh my god PLEASE MAKE ME A BUNNY HEAD BROOCH!!!!! pleeeeeeeease. even just the head without the prize ribbon backing! i needs!

  3. jamfancy Says:

    Im doing ceramics today I will see how I go : ) It actually looks nicer in person too*L*

  4. Kelly Says:

    Im super bummed it broke, but I have patience and will look forward to update on your move! 🙂 merry Christmas Christina!

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