Lindt Christmas

It seems Lindt have their finger on the cute pulse when it comes to producing their Christmas chocolate tin range.  Last year it was Russian Dolls
and this year at the height of all things Alpine (I so want a cuckoo clock), they have brought out their “Children of the World” tins.
Lederhosen!  How adorable, look at those little deers on the boys outfit, Id wear that pretty much……………..anyway, I bought them for practical reasons, the perfect pencil/paintbrush holders.  There was a lot more of those chocolate reindeer by the way, loads actually………..but I scoffed them in about two days, couldnt even hold off till the pictures were taken.  I ate those two remaining ones right after the pictures were done as well.
Still, this had nothing to do with chocolate and everything to do with organising my messy work area.

8 Responses to “Lindt Christmas”

  1. chun Says:

    I love your pin cushion! XD so cute!

  2. jamfancy Says:

    They are made my the very talented Loobylu chun : )

  3. Claire Says:

    My girls are getting one of those each from Father Christmas! I think they are gorgeous.

  4. jamfancy Says:

    I just love you for commenting here so it looks like Im not talking to myself ; )

  5. lollipoppet Says:

    How cute! I love them – I think I will give 1 too each of my little girls too so i can have the tins later 😀

  6. mimi k Says:

    ooh! I am going to have to keep my eyes out for those tins on this side of the world!

  7. bronwyn Says:

    Where do you buy the lindt children of the world from? I would love one for my baby boy from Santa, cheers

  8. jamfancy Says:

    I got them at David Jones in the food hall section at Chadstone, Im yet to come across them anywhere else so far, my Mum went looking for them at Myer and couldnt find them.

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