Running Horses

Just a little while before my Birthday I came across this wonderful and very generously provided tutorial by Ann Wood for making her beautiful cardboard horses, I had so admired them when I first saw them and I decided to make a little herd of my own as a Birthday treat.
They now charge across the top of my lounge room doorway.
They were such a pleasure to make, I became more free and inventive with painting each one
If you feel in need of a little creative treat for yourself give these a go they are relaxing and fun and even a bit pretty when they are done.

4 Responses to “Running Horses”

  1. Claire Says:

    Beautiful! I love the three in the last photo – the lace mane and tail is fab. So inspiring.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I love how each one is different! SO PRETTY!

  3. nightwish Says:

    they are amazing, christina. you have far surpassed the original designs and certainly given them your trademark jamfancy vibe!
    how long did they take? they look great – are you going to keep them on your wall?

  4. jamfancy Says:

    I love Ann Woods far more than mine, hers are like poems, but I think I will keep them on the wall, maybe make a few more too.

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