fair isle, or is it folklore?

Its a bit crazy as its so hot in Melbourne today, but Im just mad for all those fair Isle, folklore, nordic looking, knits that seem to be all over the Northern Hemisphere fashion world
Ive nabbed this dress from Colkinikha for myself, I dread trying it on this week in such heat though*L*
I really wanted this dress from Syrup , but couldnt find any way of getting my hands on it
and how cool are these?  Fair Isle converse
fair isle shoes3
but you dont have to stop at a dress and shoes, you can be kitted out head to toe in knickers….
leggings and sort of over the sock, socks (all from Ragsista I think)
arm covers and slippers too
It really is much too hot to be looking at knits, but I will be a happy girl come Winter!

12 Responses to “fair isle, or is it folklore?”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    It really makes me wish I could knit for myself =D

  2. ana de toledo Says:

    That black shoes are so adorable! Lovely!!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Drool drool drool! Cute cute cute!! I love it!

  4. Fran Says:

    Love the shoes. The cool change has just arrived…maybe your post had something to do with it! The knitted bloomers are cute, too.

  5. jamfancy Says:

    Isnt it lovely! Just been outside wallowing in the cool air!

  6. Eerika Says:

    Ooh, so many lovely things!
    I love fair isle things and of course, am a huge big fan of the mori-girl look too so this really is a cavalcade of eye candy for me! 😀
    I want knitted bloomers now, I do have bright red woolly pants I wear under skirts in the winter (when it gets bellow -10°c, woolly knickers are a must!), but they’re really not very nice looking, especially compared to those lovely fair isle ones you posted.

  7. jamfancy Says:

    You should have a hunt around, there have been knitted fair isle bloomers all over the shop! You are so skinny you would look great in them too.

  8. Charlotte Says:

    Hi, Just wondering where you found the Colkinikha shop? Do they have an online store? Thanks!

  9. jamfancy Says:

    There is a link to the actual brand and they have an online store, or at least links to them, but I think you will need a Japanese buying service to get your hands on things, that was what I had to do, its worth it though.

  10. Gemma Quevedo Says:

    So you could get the clothes at last? Lucky you! I’ll try to get a japanese buying service… I think I need the furry collar at least! 🙂

  11. jamfancy Says:

    No, I still cant find a way to get the Syrup stuff, no one seems to want to be involved with their mad ordering system! Im going to try to make the collar myself.

  12. Pippa Alice Says:

    I know you like Mori girls? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytxKcxRrLSE&feature=channel This video is pretty cute even if you don’t like her music.

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