Thought I would share some of my favourite D-Bros products, they seem to be spreading out a bit from Japan, but as usual a quick rakuten search will help you to find them as well.  The products are always so clever and beautiful, I have these butterflies on my wall.
I have this one too, but Ive never quite known what I want to do with it, I seem to be keeping it for “something special”
drft-cj-c-main2Their cards are gorgeous, its a sort of paper doll and the card acts as the scenery
1116812_B_21116812_B_31121745_B_1You have probably seen these fruit shaped memo pads around, but I love the way they come packaged as actual fruit
dbros08-i21Im not really sure what these are, but they look like biscuits and that is enough for me
028078-top650These are card story boxes
Optical illusion glasses
and these very sweet bookmarks
Just looking at all these clever pretty things makes me feel better.

6 Responses to “D-Bros”

  1. chun Says:

    another wonderful post 😀 I love all these things which you share with us!

  2. Blossom Says:

    Oh those butterflies are divine Christine !

  3. Elli Says:

    Gosh I love all of these things!!!!!

  4. Eerika Says:

    You always manage to find the most wonderful things!
    I really like all the different cards and those illusion glasses are brilliant too.

  5. Emma Says:

    This post makes me miss Japan so! I really need to go but having no job (and then on the flip side probably having a job) makes it impossible. sigh!
    Thanks for your love of great Japanese things!

  6. jamfancy Says:

    I just wish I had known about it when I was younger and could have done the English teaching thing for a year or two.

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