Girl Hero's

Just finished off this bunch of girl Hero’s as a slightly late entry to the Japanese Luvable Huggable for this year
There is Grumpy Girl Hero
Sensible Girl Hero
and Reading Girl Hero, who might be a little sister or something
I made little tags for them as well in case the Japanese people were wondering what they were all about
I hope they find nice new homes in Japan, and I think I may have to make a few more.  I tried a new way of attaching the neck so they are nice and non-floppy and I think an “Eating Girl Hero” and a “Gothic Girl Hero” are on the cards as well.  I even think I may do a little boy, “Windy/Farty Boy Hero”?

11 Responses to “Girl Hero's”

  1. narelle Says:

    oh yes make more : ) – when is the show?

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Im not really sure now…….I thought it was already on, but I dont see it listed at Gallery LeLe, they wanted them by the 29th of January though?

  3. chun Says:

    too darn CUTE!

  4. KT girl Says:

    Love em, you go girl hero!

  5. piccadilly Says:

    they are all adorable!

  6. Claire Says:

    Love these so much. I think my fave is Reading Girl – she reminds me of a child of mine. xx

  7. Eerika Says:

    Oh my goodness! They’re awesome! Super Awesome!
    Sensible Girl Hero and Reading Girl Hero are my favourites.

  8. mimi k Says:

    Love them- it is their pink knees that get me!

  9. Cynthia Sickler Says:

    How much fun are these !!! Just to cute 😀

  10. Holly Says:

    Oh I love them! I really hope you do make more.

  11. The Shopping Sherpa Says:

    You do realise Librarians across the land (world?) will be flocking to buy Reading Girl Hero?

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