Love Muchacha

Thought I would share one of my favourite Japanese brands Muchacha
I think they may have started out as a brand for kids clothes, but now, wonderfully, they do kiddy size and adult!  I have about three of their dresses now and a wonderful big doll as well.
Look at all the cute for this season.
This one above is a brooch, Im a bit tempted to get her……
Pop over to their website for so much more!  I could barely choose which things were cutest, I didnt even get into the hats*L*

5 Responses to “Love Muchacha”

  1. TADA's Revolution Says:

    I love the amigurumi dolls!!! Thanks for sharing this link with me!!

  2. lollipoppet Says:

    That brooch is gorgeous Christina! my fav dress is the denim cotton style tunic/pinafore! Its so simple and just stunning! The human size toadstools are the cutest things ever!

  3. Snuffy Says:

    What a gorgeous website..I love how the little dolls eye`s move around with your mouse…how sweet!
    You must buy that brooch !!

  4. jamfancy Says:

    Im officially on a self imposed “no more buying” stint, lets see how long it lasts*L*

  5. Lisa Says:

    Oh my gosh! The 2nd dress down–I have a VERY similar version of that dress!! I got it in LA in the Garment District!! It’s so cute!! 😀

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