Boy Hero's sort of

Once again Paul got some very odd things for Valentines.
He was very chuffed with his little mascot bandit chef
and got a good laugh out of his “Farty Boy Hero” as well
fartI liked Farty so much I made a print of him too, I think it is the awkward, embarrassed post fart stance that makes him lovable even if he is smelly
farty copy
My gift is still waiting to come into stock, its from the brand Mother, I hope it does come back in, I fell in love with the back of this dress, it seemed rather Jane Austen to me
Hope you all had fine Valentines Days!

8 Responses to “Boy Hero's sort of”

  1. lollipoppet Says:

    Well paul scored some delightful handmade items! he must be chuffed even if it is about the chosen smelly bodily function! Very cute…Your dress was so pretty on saturday so I am sure the one above will look so much better when you finally have it in your hands….

  2. jamfancy Says:

    You are such a peach for replying, lovely to meet you on the weekend too : )

  3. Snuffy Says:

    ‘awkward, embarrassed post fart stance…’ hahaaaaa..ahhhh..we all have those..hehee…I`m glad he came to life he is well worth it!
    Such a gorgeous dress..yes that one on Saturday was so flowy and pretty..I`m sure its an addiction I need not look into but I`m a sucker for a pretty dress!

  4. Lisa Says:

    oh man!! That chef paul doll is TOOOO cute!!!
    Hee hee!! FARTY BOY! ADORABLE!!

  5. jamfancy Says:

    Paul was just saying maybe he needed a mascot, little did he know…….

  6. martha Says:

    Oooh, that dress is SO gorgeous! Is there a website for this brand? I’d love to see more of their designs!

  7. jamfancy Says:

    There is a website even an online store, but you would need a japanese shopping service I think.

  8. Ana Camamiel Says:

    I canĀ“t believe that bandit chef! The best plush ever! He would be the best gift imaginable for my love, since he is a master cook. Watching this made me completely happy!

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