New prints in the store again

Here is some new work that went into the Etsy store yesterday
This Little Indian Girl is my favourite, I am considering keeping the original, I only own two of my own works so it would be a big move…..
littleindian copy
red copy
ghost copy
and a couple of the French saucy style, people seem to like the smoking girls
smoker2 copy
smoking copy
and pics of our seedlings cause I know everyone is just as excited about this as I am.
These below are some of our peas, they are about four times the size now, I swear they grow while I watch.

2 Responses to “New prints in the store again”

  1. Snuffy Says:

    Yes…Do keep it…it has such a beautiful feel.
    Seeds pushing through…such a lovely sight to see…soon you`ll be eating their sweet juicy offerings!

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Bit worried about all this rain, might be squashed tiny seedlings soon.

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