Things I have my eye on……..

It seems I have a “need” to constantly browse Japanese clothing, I just recently was put back to dial up speed and I think I actually had withdrawals when I couldnt do this at least once a day*L*
Here are the things that are catching my eye just now
Balcony and Bed are always beautiful, but this wonderful Liberty print is killing me
This very sensible looking, for me at least, bag from Beaure, it even has a matching wallet
Mother too always has things that I drool over, but these cute little socks and this top are my current favourites
oh and this top as well, I love the gentle fall of it and the subtle writing, rather beautiful
20310551and just a little bit of circus fun from Franche Lippee as well
Ive decided the only thing I can have from all this loveliness is the sensible bag, there are times in life when you just need a bag that isnt shaped like an animal or covered in eye catching pattern!   Maybe if I make some things to sell I can justify one more thing………………..
PS if you are looking for any of these brands, try out Rakuten in English translation mode, many of the shops now ship international.

7 Responses to “Things I have my eye on……..”

  1. The Pea Pod Says:

    Hi, found you by chance – lovely blog.
    The Franche Lippee top is sweet.

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Franche Lippee stuff is always very wantable.

  3. chicadecanela Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. This clothes are so lovely!

  4. jamfancy Says:

    Thanks, just had a look at your blog and its very cute stuff!

  5. Vixie Says:

    That black peasant top is delish. I’m obsessed with peasant tops! Oh my god! I have that Tsumori Chisato top!!! I love her so much!!!

  6. Lynn Says:

    Hi Christina, we have that gorgeous Liberty print in Patchwork.
    I love your deer outfit!

  7. jamfancy Says:

    Tempter *L* Im hoping to pop in on Friday this week for a very small bit of blue florally stuff : )

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