New Jamfancy Blythe outfit up on ebay!

Im doing an ebay auction again after the longest time.  Its always horribly stressful, and ebay have changed the process of uploading again so that I cant have a coloured background, so it looks a bit weird, but oh well, here goes, fingers crossed.  Its for a good cause though, all proceeds to go towards Paul and I having chickens in our backyard *L*
Here is the link
and here is how it should have looked
Its a smallish set, with a hand painted deer on the dress and antlered faux fur bonnet and matching cape.  The deer is a special one to match the dress.

12 Responses to “New Jamfancy Blythe outfit up on ebay!”

  1. Snuffy Says:

    Oh Christina…so magnificent…I just want to brush that fur on my cheek and I want a nightie like that to sleep the raw materials..and the fat little antlers are so so cute!Beautiful!
    The fawn on the dress reminds my hobbytex craze in the 70`s? 80`s? Believe me mine did`nt come close to this gorgeous design…I think mine were of holly hobby ..hehee

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Oh my God! Hobbytex, that took me a long way back, not sure how I feel about this dress reminding you of that though………

  3. Holly Says:

    gorgeous, great work christina, the little deer just kills me 🙂

  4. Eerika Says:

    Oh my! This is just so gorgeous and perfect and wonderful!
    Needless to say, I love the mori-girl theme, and all the deery lovelyness.

  5. Brigitte Says:

    Love the deer and the bonnet, really sweet! Just started hearing about Mori and I’m in love.
    Also, just so you know, so many large images on your front page meant it took a long time to load and nearly shut down my browser 🙁

  6. Bethany Says:

    Oh my, it’s so lovely! You’ve outdone yourself! The head dress is so wonderful, your designs are always so imaginative & original <3

  7. jamfancy Says:

    Im glad you said the above, only two bids so far and Im freaking out a bit now, so this is good for the nerves : )

  8. Kate Says:

    Hi Christina! That outfit is divine.
    We are doing a new farmers’ market this Sunday at the show grounds.
    We’ve never done it before so I have no idea if it is any good.
    Let me know if you might come and I can pack some jam for you.
    Love Kate (Daylesford Organics).

  9. jamfancy Says:

    Oh thank you so much for the offer! It is Pauls Mums Birthday though. If you are doing the slow food one the week after though could I put in an order for 6 jars? I was thinking 3 but Paul has overruled me and wants a half dozen if you have that much left? We would get to the market nice and early to grab them too. Thanks again, love your blog.

  10. alex* Says:

    This is gorgeous! Wowzie.

  11. Anna Di Giacomo Says:

    My favorite is the black eyed girl.

  12. venus Says:

    i really like this outfits~
    but i can’t see in ebay… it already sold out?
    thank you

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