The Cheesebear

This is my next ceramics piece, its a cheeseboard, shaped as a bear skin rug, the little girl sitting on the rug is actually the lid for the very small olive or dip container on the bear.
You can sort of make out the little container in the middle of the bear rug in this picture
For now she is living on my sideboard in the dining room, one of the problems if I keep making these things is what to do with them!
I am dying to bring out the cheeseboard though next time I have visitors, not sure if it will impress them or worry them.

11 Responses to “The Cheesebear”

  1. beastiegirls Says:

    ohh isn’t he cute – nothing to worry about (no more than usual!) … the little pot looks like the perfect place to put some quince paste mmm 🙂

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Oh yes, quince paste, paul thought it could be a sushi board and the soy could go in there too.

  3. Mathyld / under the pyramids Says:

    Ooooh ! I want to eat cheese with you !
    I would be most certainly impressed !
    And I would put some mango chutney or (yes) strawberry jam in the little container ! Eeek ! Num !
    x x x

  4. Eerika Says:

    That is wonderful! I know I’d be delighted to be served cheese (or sushi for that matter) off of such a cute cheeseboard.

  5. jamfancy Says:

    Just need to lure an unsuspecting guest over now…..

  6. Amy Says:

    So excellent! I love seeing your characters sculpted.

  7. jamfancy Says:

    Its so much easier than fabric too, clay wants to be 3D I think fabric fights it.

  8. myra Says:

    Oh! It’s marvelous and so clever! I’ve never heard of a cheese board – guess I’m not eating enough cheese.
    PS Your deer girl is fantastic too.

  9. jamfancy Says:

    I think there are such things as cheese boards…*L*

  10. Sandra Eterovic Says:

    Hee hee!!! I just love her — um, them. I love her grumpy expression and her spots, and I’d love to see her “in use”. I am that your guests would love her. You could also use it to get kids to eat ANYTHING.
    I have the same problem of not knowing where to put all of the things that I make. And yet when I sell something, I feel sad!

  11. jamfancy Says:

    I hadnt thought of the kids idea, that is classic*L* I have two more girls getting their glazing firing this week and a rabbit head too…….at least I know where to put the rabbit head, but its going to get crowded isnt it? I have no idea how to price this stuff and how on earth do you mail it safely too? It would be a wrench to sell the little girls as well……..did you mail stuff, did it survive?

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