A new term of ceramics

Just got back my first two finished ceramics pieces from this term.  I did these ones at home so Im very relieved they have survived all their travelling to get back here in one piece.
Bat girl in a tutu
and a bandit/hero girl
This little Pierrot is just about to get a bit of sanding down, then I will glaze her and take her in to class for a firing, that ruffle was sheer Hell to make by the way so I hope she doesnt explode in the kiln!
I have a bunny head to pick up this week too, I do love doing ceramics!

16 Responses to “A new term of ceramics”

  1. Snuffy Says:

    Oh Christina you excel in this medium!! They are all so beautiful..Love Bat Girl..Love her to bits! Love how her shirt sits and her colours and her attitude ;))

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Oooh that skirt was a killer, nice though when it finally behaved itself*L*

  3. Cerri Says:

    Your ceramic pieces are darling! I can’t wait to see the other piece finished either.
    I never even thought you could make such adorable pieces from ceramic!
    Wonderful work!

  4. jamfancy Says:

    I know, I thought ceramics was so technical and really it isnt at all!

  5. chun Says:

    I am so totally wanna see your bunny head! 😀 All are very adorable and very you! Great job Christina!

  6. Snuffy Says:

    hahaa..I`m so glad you read it as skirt and not shirt..hahaa
    I type too fast my fingers get in the way!

  7. diem Says:

    These are wonderful!

  8. sappy Says:

    I totally love the batgirl! are you gonna sell it??

  9. Lisa Says:

    OH!! These are SO ADORABLE!!! I LOVE THEM!!

  10. lollipoppet Says:

    The ceramics world needs some new fresh loveable work like yours!! Keep experimenting – A print with a matching ceramic piece would make any room shine!!

  11. Amy Says:

    Oh wow, these are so fantastic! I can’t wait to see little Pierrot glazed. The ruffle was worth the trouble because it looks great.

  12. jamfancy Says:

    She looks very amusing now, I just coloured her and something untoward occurred with her eye, I had a mild panic, then thought oh well, lots of my girls have eye patches, so now she has one too*L*

  13. myra Says:

    Oh my gosh, they are both incredible! The glaze colors are so rich. Really wonderful, can’t wait to see the bunny and Pierrot finished.

  14. June Says:

    I love your ceramics!

  15. Kim wonkygiraffe Says:

    Oh I love that bandit in a tutu!
    reminds me of 2 early phrases I apparently had (according to mum)
    “Yes um are!” when I shouldn’t…and
    “No I amn’t” when I should!
    Kim wonkygiraffe

  16. Kim wonkygiraffe Says:

    ooops sorry that was bandit AND batgirl in a tutu.

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