New Prints in the Etsy Store.

Ive put a new batch of work up in the store, hope you like them
deerkey copy
threelegs copy
newfrench copy
maskgirl copy
the-perils-of-flossy copy
togethersausage copy
bear copy
dolly copy
polkadothussy copy
sleepingtofix copy

7 Responses to “New Prints in the Etsy Store.”

  1. Erika Says:

    These are some of the most magical and touching ones that you have ever created! I’m blown away by their charm and details. Your work sparkles and delights in many ways.

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Thank you! What a lovely comment : )

  3. Snuffy Says:

    Hehee! It took me a while to notice the 3 legs! Love it so!
    Love the Bear one too and that last one is very special…I just want to give her a hug

  4. jamfancy Says:

    Yes, Ive had three legged girl for ages and forgot to put her up!*L*

  5. Eerika Says:

    That one with the deer is wonderful!
    I wouldn’t mind having the outfit the deer girl is wearing in real life. 😀

  6. jamfancy Says:

    Pop over to the Mother website and check out their Winter 2010 stuff, pretty much the exact bambi fur tippet with red ribbon is for sale! Im sure you could find a nice white dress over at SM2 or somewhere to go with it : )

  7. KT girl Says:

    Yes, yes I love them they are beautiful Keep creating.

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