Big ceramic catch up!

I realised yesterday that I had gotten quite behind in my show and tell of my ceramic works*L*  Im in a very lazy Christmas holiday mood I think, but I rounded them all up and here they are
I think this is my favourite, she is a vase, she was meant to be a bud vase, but I got a little carried away and she is quite large now
Here she is without her mad flower “hat” or “thoughts”, she looks almost nude I think
Next is the Bunny Rider, I thought after the bunny being so heavy that putting the girl on top would collapse the whole thing and very nearly gave up, but Im glad I didnt in the end.  The tree is inspired by the Staffordshire ones that are used to hold up various animals in their ceramic works.  Of course you can hardly see it though.
another item just to fill up the other dome I own
and finally this one is a little sad.  I made this girl so that she could sit on her custom chair or perch merrily out in the world……however, the people that fired her were a little careless and pushed her against the blocks she was sitting on, she was being glazed so of course her poor legs fused to the blocks!  They had to snap her legs!  It looked horrible, but Paul patiently glued her seamlessly back together.  She was to be for a lovely couple though and sadly cant be sold in her current condition, so she is staying we me I think.
there is one more……but he is a secret for now.
thanks for looking

6 Responses to “Big ceramic catch up!”

  1. Snuffy Says:

    Oh yes the firing process can be so never quite know if they are going to make it!
    Paul did a fine job could never tell from here.
    That vase is just amazing and what a perfect Hydrangea hat! You have been busy are forever creating such magical things.

  2. Lydia Says:

    The girl with the sausages and legsssss! Too Good! I am smitten that’s for sure.

  3. Claire Says:

    Hello! I am in LOVE with that vase. (well you know I’m in love with all your stuff but…)

  4. lollipoppet Says:

    Truly brilliant! Like snuffy says you cannot see it in the photos – what a shame as these beautiful creations must certainly take you many , many, MANY hours….I am totally smitten with that vase!!!
    looking ofrward to seeing the secret one!

  5. Miss Gretchen Says:

    Happy New Year Christina!
    I’m up with a migraine and just like I used to do years ago, I’m easing my brain by looking at your beautiful things online. Your new ceramic work is really a milestone. So amazing!
    This year has been difficult with my health and I’ve spent a lot of time in bed staring at the same four walls. I just wanted to tell you how much I love that print of yours, the signature profile girl. Gazing at her just makes me so peaceful and happy.
    I am putting my KB on eBay next week, and if all goes well I might have to check out your etsy shop for another. . .my Pirate will be joining me in the cottage next month, so I might have to get that one! hugs! Miss G

  6. jamfancy Says:

    Hi Miss G!
    Long time no see, or write perhaps*L* Lovely to hear from you again : )

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