New prints and new ceramics

Got a few new prints in the etsy store, seems masks and noses are all I can do of late.  I finished a new one yesterday called Knitting Girl Hero as well, will have to wait for a sunny day to take a photo though before I can add her.
This of course is “Sausage Girl Hero”, don’t know why this idea didnt occur to me some time ago really…..
and this one was completed around Valentine’s but I got the worst cold so she is only going in the store now, oh well, I never do time these things well
and finally yet another year of the bunny print, I do love this bunny year for inspiration!
bunnyearworking copy
Got some new ceramics back as well.  These plates and bowls are mainly from my first classes when I was too scared to do anything but make plates and bowls with moulds, it seemed so much safer than trying to make something in 3D!  I had been putting off painting them up for some reason, but ended up really enjoying it and plan on doing many more, I think they will even end up in the etsy store too.
Yeaar of the bunny again
This platter was to give me something to do  in class, I dont like to do any of the more detailed things as I only have a couple of hours and cant get them finished, so I made flowers for many classes, not really sure what to do with this now, serve crisps in it perhaps?
This girl is a work in progress really, she is going to be a ceramic doll.  Just cant wait to make her a body and clothes!
the limbs
Okay that is it for now, finally a bit caught up!

6 Responses to “New prints and new ceramics”

  1. lollipoppet Says:

    Too much eyecandy in 1 hit! Love the floral platter it looks like it would have taken ages!!! The doll is just fabulous and I am looking forward to seeing her completed with an amazing Jam fancy outfit? How high is she going to be in size – its a bit hard to tell in the photographs…. It would be lovely to see some of your ceramic goods in your etsy store… a huge temptation for sure!!!

  2. jamfancy Says:

    I think she will be 8 inches or so, its a bit hard to tell yet really, I am really looking forward to getting some time to work on her though.

  3. Niina Says:

    I love your ceramic things sooo much! I’m really looking forward to the doll once she’s finished.

  4. Claire Says:

    Beautiful — the doll is something always wanted to do… she is exquisite and love the little pink nose. xx

  5. carly Says:

    hi Christina
    I love the ceramic work you are doing – will you be putting any on your etsy store in the future? Can’t wait to see the doll finished. beautiful work!

  6. jamfancy Says:

    Thanks Carly, it is sort of in the works to put some ceramics in the store, but Im slow in general.

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