More ceramics

Have fallen woefully behind in taking photos of the new ceramics I have been making.  I have four mini bunny heads on my wall, plus plates and a bunny headed girl still to do!  Here are some to be going on with though
a new vase

I almost prefer her without flowers, or maybe with smaller flowers?

a new deer girl, the first time I made this one she exploded in the kiln

and a very uninspired quick picture of one of the ornaments Ive made for our Christmas tree, I will have to take a better one when he is on the tree, but I couldnt resist getting one bunny in here.

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  1. kelly Says:

    omg, that bunny head xmas ornament is AMAZING, they all are. i want one. whenever you have time id like to commission another!! im too scared to put my big bunny head on the wall unless i have a proper nail, and we’re renting 🙁

  2. jamfancy Says:

    Wait till I can take pictures of the four little ones I did for my dining room wall, I think you will like them. I rent too, but I have no qualms about big nails, I just get out the putty filler and paint when its time to leave*L*

  3. Fran Says:

    Wow. Just beautiful. So much detail. Your ceramic pieces are so lovely.

  4. jamfancy Says:

    Hi Fran! Lovely to hear from you, off to check out your blog and see what you are up too : )

  5. Fran Says:

    Just got back from 5wks o/s. So much fun. Finally got to see a real life Anthropolgie store! Nearly hyperventilated. Didn’t actually buy to much – got a lovely plate by your friend Nathalie Lete! Hope you’re well. x

  6. Jodie Says:

    My jaw honestly just hit the floor when I saw that ornament!!! Oh man, I would kill to have some as cool as those! talented lady! (ps: will you be putting more magnets in your etsy? I went to buy some and only see the one listed! )

  7. jamfancy Says:

    Just about to do more magnets, let me know if you would like me to do a custom etsy order for you?

  8. Claire Says:

    Hello! I have a very big birthday coming up in six months (less?? shit!) and I have asked Phil if he might order a Jam Fancy vase for me for that said big birthday. Do you think you might consider it? I love the vases SO much, this and the last one. beautiful. Clever person.

  9. June Says:

    Yes! Please consider making vases for sale! And the other ornaments!

  10. kelly Says:

    the brown bunny its the most amazing thing I’ve seen Christina. PLEASE make me one, my big one needs a friend 🙂 xx

  11. jamfancy Says:

    As you know I am always very, very happy to trade. I wont be back in class till January though, so pick a colour and it is yours. Maybe I can babysit your puppy for a trade, he is just so cute.

  12. Victoria Varrasso Says:

    Hello Christina
    I have two of your beautiful original prints “Today is Her Birthday” and “Eyes Black as Boots”. They are my favourite things!
    I am very greedy and I LOVE your work, where can I buy more please?
    Your ceramics are amazing too!
    Do you ever have shows?
    Many thanks
    Victoria Varrasso

  13. jamfancy Says:

    Hi Victoria
    All my work is at the PG Printmaker Gallery in Brunswick street. I dont usually go to the effort of shows, Im too lazy to get that much work together really. I am going to start selling the ceramics this year though, so keep an eye out. Thanks very much

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