Very Christmassy

Its delightfully Christmassy here.  We finished the tree last night and had the traditional first mince pie of the season sitting together beneath it admiring its glittery splendour, ah, perfect.
Here is this years Christmas cake decoration, she sort of spread a little as she dried out, but I feel she is the “full and happy, second helpings every time” Christmas Deer Girl.

A new addition this year are the bunny heads, a set of four mini sized bunny heads that seemed festive enough to leave up after the addition of some glitter holly.

Here they are as individual bunnies:
Black and white

Grey bunny

Brown bunny

and albino bunny

and some decorations I made for the tree, deer girl

yet another bunny

and Pauls and mine initialled macarons

Just the gingerbread house to decorate and the first party this weekend, Im looking forward to all of Christmas so much, especially the leftovers.  Merry Christmas everyone!

5 Responses to “Very Christmassy”

  1. georgia Says:

    delicious as always!
    the new additions are delightful cg =)
    now bring on the fruit mince pies!

  2. Lydia Says:

    All superb as always! I can’t wait to see Paul’s christmas baking also.

  3. June Says:

    What a lovely cake and decorations!
    You should have the decorations and the vases for sale too! I’d buy them in a heartbeat!

  4. kelly Says:

    THOSE BUNNIES! they kill me every time. LOVE my prints (which are yet to grace my walls of course) this time of year is too too busy!

  5. saraq Says:

    I always look forward to your xmas setup. The bunnies are really lovely…you know everything you make is so fantastic, don’t you? 🙂

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