First nude

A while ago I did this print as a comission for the lovely fellow that owns Madame Sousou in Brunswick Street.  He owns quite a few of my prints and should almost get a comission as many of them are in the restaurant and the print shop that sells them is pretty much next door and he sends quite a bit of business my way.

I rather liked how she came out and thought she would be fun to do as a ceramic piece and here she is:

I hope Theo likes her.

3 Responses to “First nude”

  1. Amy Says:

    So excellent! You really have great sculpting ability. The inspiring print is so good too.

  2. sylvie Says:

    Christina this is simply too adorable! captures your lovely vintage feel and she is just like one of your paintings come to life!

  3. jamfancy Says:

    Thanks very much : )

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