Little Baskets

Thought I would just go with whatever has obsessed me on my morning internet browse, today it is cute little Japanese decorated baskets.  This seems to be part of the “Mori Girl” look which I think means “forest”.  I know hardly anything about it, I just love how it looks though, here are some of the bags that caught my attention, this one is from Nesessaire
cute baskets nesessaire
This one has fur……….not sure about that
cute baskets rabbit
this one only has the tiniest bit of basket showing, but my goodness I love it, I have no idea of the brands of these at all though
cute basket3
and just look at these Mori Girls for total cuteness!
While hunting about for more baskets this morning I came across these three wonderful websites, Im still browsing through them even as I type
her Tumbler
and Natural Beauty and Forest Fashion
If like me this makes you mad to actually buy some of this stuff, try here its a sort of Japanese shopping hub and Ive had a lot of luck just typing in a brand or style and you can then buy internationally.
Okay, Im off to finish browsing all the cuteness!

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  1. Eerika Says:

    I’m a huge fan of the mori-girl look (as you probably know already ;))!
    I’m a part of the ever growing mori-girl community on Live Journal:
    It’s a great source of information on this whole forest-y aesthetic.

  2. Claire Says:

    I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am that you are going to be blogging about your daily obsessions. I always feel like I need to catch up with you everyday or I might miss out on something good… and now I can!
    Love the baskets and that first mori girl look is great. xx

  3. Claire Says:

    ALSO I think my heroine in my novel I am writing might be a bit of a mori girl and I didn’t even realise – she is currently up the top of a mountiain having been helped by wind spirits to escape some trolls. I have been reading large slabs of wikipedia about Norse and Finnish folklore for inspiration. I am thinking of embroidering some bird cushions inspired by the birds in the top corners of this
    ummm perhaps I should have sent you an email! xx

  4. jamfancy Says:

    Thanks for the Livejournal link, I didnt know about that at all.

  5. jamfancy Says:

    Hi Claire,
    Those birds are weird and just great! I like this too, I usually just bother Paul with my morning fads*L*

  6. aimee Says:

    Weird! I have actually taken to carrying a basket and wearing layers of brown and cream colored skirts when I go flea marketing. I had no idea that it was a “thing”.
    I was just tired of this one dress I have being too short, and tired of New England autumn being too unpredictable, temperature-wise.

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