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More ceramics

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Have fallen woefully behind in taking photos of the new ceramics I have been making.  I have four mini bunny heads on my wall, plus plates and a bunny headed girl still to do!  Here are some to be going on with though

a new vase

I almost prefer her without flowers, or maybe with smaller flowers?

a new deer girl, the first time I made this one she exploded in the kiln

and a very uninspired quick picture of one of the ornaments Ive made for our Christmas tree, I will have to take a better one when he is on the tree, but I couldnt resist getting one bunny in here.

Bunnies in dresses in the store!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Ive been mad for bunnies in dresses lately.  I love them on the clothes from some of my favourite Japanese brands, on fabric,  the vintage cuties and the lovely work of Storybook Rabbit of course.  So Ive done a couple of my own at last.  Im planning on more, they are oddly addictive and they are for sale in the Etsy store now.

Teacup Bunny and Ballet Bunny

the next one is going to be a pierrot I think.

Thanks for looking.





Post Cards at last!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


At last, a new set of JamFancy postcards are available!

Six lovely images per set.

Bandit Girl


a sweet Geisha

Oh Dearie

the precocious girl from the “oh dear” print

Starlight room

and the original Girl Hero

Oh and here is the back.  Id sort of forgotten I was paying for four colour printing both sides and was just going to get the “standard” postcard text, till Narelle reminded me of it.  Im very glad she did and thankful for her help in making it look rather swish!

Buy a set and send them to your friends or with the level of high quality printing they boast you can keep them for yourself and have them framed.

The post cards measure 105mm X 148mm and are printed onto a gloss 300gsm card with a gloss laminate.

They are available right now in my Etsy Store!


Thanks so much for looking






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