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New prints for the Etsy store

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Just worked up some old original prints to make new reproduction prints for the Etsy store.  I should keep my files in better order, I didnt realise I had these images.
Here they are:

I hope these tickle someones fancy.
thanks for looking

JamFancy Button Pack

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Well, I made these maybe two years ago…………..and only now have I gotten it together enough to put them up for sale.  At least I am in time for Christmas with them.
These little button brooches are “Cute as  a Button”, a fun colourful accessory to brighten up a jacket lapel, cardy or hat, or great as a little stocking stuffer as  we move closer to Christmas.  At just a little under 3.5cm in diameter, they can be worn by your Blythe doll as well.
There are eight different sets of three to choose from, each badge featuring a different JamFancy girl on a coloured background.  They are oddly jewel like actually, rather shiney and pretty.
They will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelope and wrapped in bubble wrap for extra care and are nine dollars per set.
Bad Kitty pack

Bandit pack
Drummer pack

Geisha pack

Grumpy Girl Hero pack

Reading Girl Hero pack

Sewing pack

Paper doll pack

and now for my natty pictures of “serving suggestions” *L*

thanks very much for looking!

Jam Fancy Magnets!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I had so much fun making these magnets, my fridge is covered with them too*L*  I may have gone a bit overboard, I think Ive made about 18 different ones to choose from!
Unfortunately this isnt my lovely pink Smeg fridge, I just thought they looked so much cuter on this one than on my rather dull metal fridge

Here they all are…we have bunnies

Deer Girls

Girl Heros

various bandits


and various others, you can see what I meant about getting a bit carried away…..

They are all listed right now at my Etsy store for a mere $5.00 each too.  If the one you are after is missing though, either let me know or give me a minute to re-list, Etsy charges like a wounded bull with a shoe fetish to maintain per listing, so I just put up one at a time.
Thanks for looking

and now Christmas cards!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Hello again
Hurray!  It is nearly Christmas, quite definitely the very best time of the year and I have made some Christmas cards to help you celebrate.  This is something I have wanted to do for years, but somehow Christmas always caught up with me before I got around to it, so Im rather excited to have finally gotten a bit organised.
A set of six cards (three of each kind) with suitably seasonal red and green envelopes.  Inside a cheery Christmas message reads, “ Merry Christmas Deery”.
Printed on quality 300 gsm cast coated high gloss card size 148mm X 105mm
Start your Christmas shopping early this year at my Etsy store!

Oooh I love Christmas, just cant wait.

Four new prints in the Etsy store

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Just a quick etsy update  : )
Ive been doing some medium size work in the original prints so I can get a bit more detail into the work, its been a nice change.  So now there are four new prints for the etsy store.

Ive been getting into the human size sewing lately as well and I cant wait to get my hands on this new fabric from Japan.  I LOVE cross stitch and was highly tickled to nab these two, I see dresses and tops and possibly some very snazzy trousers as well.


Etsy update

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Hi there
Finally got some new prints up in the Etsy store.
Three new Heros, Knitting Girl Hero

Lonely Girl Hero (with the matching brooch)

and my Margot Tannenbaum, sort of not a Hero, but sort of one of mine

and lastly my most recent work to go into the gallery in Brunswick Street, I think I have fallen in with the latest obsession for keys

Hope you like them, bye

A bit exciting and new!

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Ive been dying to let the cat out of the bag on this!  Ive been working with the very talented team from “made by White” to come up with a set of JamFancy brooches!  So without further ado, here they are:
“Bandit Girl”
She is Laser cut and etched out of wood with hand painted detailing and a perspex black mask.
and my peronal favourites, the “Girl Heros”
“Lonely Girl Hero”
“Sensible Girl Hero”
and “Reading Girl Hero”
They too are Laser cut and etched out of wood with hand painted detailing and rather cool looking perspex glasses.
Plus the cheeky girl with her bunny “Oh Dear” brooch set
The “Pierrot” with her pom pom detail
and the “Boy Meets Girl” set, just the right side to sit together on a lapel
They are all $35.00 AU each, including the double sets as well, with free shipping within Australia and $8.00 for international  available from “made by White” and from my Etsy store.
This has just been the best experience and Im so chuffed with how they turned out, cant thank “made by white” enough for asking me to do this!

New prints and new ceramics

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Got a few new prints in the etsy store, seems masks and noses are all I can do of late.  I finished a new one yesterday called Knitting Girl Hero as well, will have to wait for a sunny day to take a photo though before I can add her.
This of course is “Sausage Girl Hero”, don’t know why this idea didnt occur to me some time ago really…..
and this one was completed around Valentine’s but I got the worst cold so she is only going in the store now, oh well, I never do time these things well
and finally yet another year of the bunny print, I do love this bunny year for inspiration!
bunnyearworking copy
Got some new ceramics back as well.  These plates and bowls are mainly from my first classes when I was too scared to do anything but make plates and bowls with moulds, it seemed so much safer than trying to make something in 3D!  I had been putting off painting them up for some reason, but ended up really enjoying it and plan on doing many more, I think they will even end up in the etsy store too.
Yeaar of the bunny again
This platter was to give me something to do  in class, I dont like to do any of the more detailed things as I only have a couple of hours and cant get them finished, so I made flowers for many classes, not really sure what to do with this now, serve crisps in it perhaps?
This girl is a work in progress really, she is going to be a ceramic doll.  Just cant wait to make her a body and clothes!
the limbs
Okay that is it for now, finally a bit caught up!

Geisha Day

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Just got my little Geisha ceramic back today, I think those stripes are making her my new favourite
and I put a new Geisha print in the store “Candy Apple”.  Ive gone green mad by the way, if its green, I seem to love it.

New Prints in the Etsy Store.

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Ive put a new batch of work up in the store, hope you like them
deerkey copy
threelegs copy
newfrench copy
maskgirl copy
the-perils-of-flossy copy
togethersausage copy
bear copy
dolly copy
polkadothussy copy
sleepingtofix copy


New broochespink bunny broochnew broochesnew broochesbrown bunny broochblack bunny brooch3 bunny broochsceramic bunny dolls